Manston and Chattenden 16/05/2003

A double visit into Kent was arranged around the superb Fire School at Manston followed by the fascinating EOD school at Chattenden Main targets were the soon to be scrapped ex-Colerne Bulldog at Manston, plus the reclusive Sioux at Chattenden Despite a clear morning, the weather clouded over to a typical British May, but this didn't put a damper on the visits, or the sociable lunch stop between locations


Fire School        
  XV864   Buccaneer S2B 208 Sqn marks (crash rescue training)
  XX655   Bulldog T1 Wrecked
  WK124 CR Canberra TT18 100 Sqn marks
  XS714 P Dominie T1  
1146 XW870 F Gazelle HT3 Red/white RAF training scheme
  XW922   Harrier GR3 Inverted
  XZ966   Harrier GR3  
  XV411 L Phantom FGR2 19 Sqn marks
  ZE360 O Phantom F-4J(UK) 74 Sqn marks (crash rescue training)
  XR503   Wessex HC2 Raspberry ripple fuselage, olive drab boom
International Airport        
  C-172   CL604 Challenger Royal Danish Air Force, visiting
3H1625 G-BXVZ   Iskra Ex SP-DOF
194555 G-DELF 12 L-29 Soviet AF marks, ex ES-YLM
  RA44514 48 Yak-52  
  30010 441, G-BTFG Stearman Kaydett USNavy markings, red overall
History Museum        
  XV352   Buccaneer S2B Cockpit
  WT205   Canberra B15 Cockpit
  WP772   Chipmunk T10  
  XA231   Grasshopper TX1  
  XG226   Hunter F6A Cockpit
  WD646   Meteor TT20 Wears "WD615"
  XD857   Valiant B(K)1 Cockpit
  XL190   Victor K2 Cockpit
  XS482   Wessex HU5 Being painted in RAF yellow SAR scheme
  XJ727 L Whirlwind HAR10  
  XN380   Whirlwind HAS7 Stored outside, yellow RAF SAR scheme
PAC/W8083 XM410   Jet Provost T3 Olive drab scheme, wings detached
  XT907 W Phantom FGR2 74 Sqn marks
  XT133   Sioux AH1  
      Ohka II Suspended from ceiling inside a building