Recently a fair number of "new" W&R have been discovered in Poland. That and the fact that we had not really done justice to the South East part of the country before was enough of an excuse for the team to take a short trip over there. In to Rzeszow and out of Krakow with a couple of thousand kilometres in between.


Flew from Stansted to Rzeszow on Ryanair's Boeing 737-8AS EI-CSP (c/n 29929) "FR2136" taking off from runway 23 at 07:30 and landing on runway 09 at Rzeszow at 09:48 (10:48L). 

Rzeszow is not the busiest of airports. When the car hire was eventually tracked down, the man at the desk greeted me by name. I think we were the only customers that day.



 1309        Antonov An-26, (c/n 1309) ex 13 PLT, Polish AF, registered LZ-MNL for Scorpion Air, to UR-26233 for Podillia Avia, to Avia Express.


This was quite an unexpected bonus. Sitting on the ramp on arrival was an An-26 not only with "pedigree" but actually a former Polish AF machine and a fine gap filler.


Aeroklub Rzeszowski.....

 0426        TS-8 Bies, (c/n 1E0426) ex Polish AF, registered SP-YBA for Stowarzyszenie Lotnicze Zgorzelec, stored.

217         TS-11 Iskra bis, (c/n 1H0217) (gy) ex Polish AF. Preserved at the Aeroklub.


RZESZOW 4.4.08:

 Politechnika Rzeszowka


460         MiG-23MF, (c/n 0390220460/13404) ex 28 SPLM, Polish AF.

709         TS-11 Iskra, (c/n 1H0709) ex "4" Polish AF (Team Iskry).


These are instructional airframes, in the courtyard of Building L (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics).



 Preserved at restaurant Pod Skrzydlami on Rte 9.....


517         Lim-5, (c/n 1C0517) (bl) d/d 14.6.57 to 1 PLM, Polish AF.


For the record, there is also a civil Il-14 here, SP-FNM.


LUTCZA 4.4.08:

 Preserved at restaurant Zajazd Pod Samolotem on Rte 9.....


3073        VEB-14P, (c/n 14803073) ex 13 PLT, Polish AF.


DUKLA 4.4.08:

 Preserved at the Muzeum Historiyczne at the Palac w Dukli on Rte 9.....


0527        TS-8 Bies, (c/n 1E0527) ex Polish AF, registered SP-CMZ.


The effects of the Polish climate can be seen to good effect on this machine which has spent many a year exposed to the elements.


BESKO 4.4.08:

 Preserved at a hotel/restauracje on Rte 28.....


122         MiG-23MF, (c/n 0390217122/12203) ex 28 SPLM, Polish AF.



 Preserved at the Szkola Podstawowa.....


....        TS-8 Bies, (c/n 1E....) ex Polish AF, registered SP-GSS.


This has previously been reported as Bezmiechowka Gorna but we are happy that it is just across the boundary into "Dolna". The nearby airfield was also checked but had only gliders.



Preserved at the Centrum Ksztalcenia (a school) on Rte 84.....


509         Lim-5P, (c/n 1D0509) (bl) d/d 2.4.60 to 2 PLM, Polish AF. Wfu 11.1.79 and to GIA at Zamosc, "Manysia".


This MiG-17 is a rarer radar-equipped model and remains in excellent condition having spent relatively few years outside since the demise of the TSWL technical school at Zamosc.


OLCHOWA 4.4.08:

Preserved at a private house on Rte 4.....


5706        Antonov An-2T, (c/n 1G157-06) ex 13 PLT, Polish AF.

2503        MiG-21R, (c/n 94R022503) ex 32 PLRT, Polish AF.

9296        MiG-21UM, (c/n 516999296) d/d 21.5.80 to 9 PLM, Polish AF.

54415045    Mil Mi-2, (c/n 544115045) ex '28' (r) Soviet AF.

108         TS-11 Iskra, (c/n 1H0108) ex Polish AF.

321         TS-11 Iskra, (c/n 1H0321) ex Polish AF.


These are all outside the owner's mother's house next to the main road. The owner is in the construction business and spends half his time in Chicago. He also owns the two Floggers below, a couple of kms further West.



Preserved alongside Rte 4.....


012         MiG-23MF, (c/n 0390221012/13410) ex 28 SPLM, Polish AF.

455         MiG-23MF, (c/n 0390220455/13309) ex 28 SPLM, Polish AF.


DEBICA 4.4.08:

 Preserved at the Debica Muzeum Regionalne in ul Kosciuszki....


506         Lim-5R,  (c/n 1C0506) ex Polish AF & Krakow Museum.

4605        Mil Mi-2Tsz, (c/n 544605016) ex 2 ELTL, Polish AF.


MIELEC 4.4.08:

Preserved behind the Polski Hotel in ul Biernacki.....


W1741       TS-11 Iskra, (c/n 3H1507, ex W1767) "432" ex Indian AF.


GORZYCE 4.4.08:

Preserved at Zespol Szkol w Gorzycach.....


0916        TS-8 Bies, (c/n 1E0916) ex Polish AF.


Having sat here quite happily for many a year the badly damaged aircraft now awaits disposal after a tree fell on the cockpit area. We managed to find this in the dark, then called it a day and found a nearby hotel. Feeling refreshed after a good night's sleep, we set off again to skirt the Polish border country adjacent to Ukraine and Belarussia,





203               PZL104-35A Wilga, (c/n 74203) ex Polish AF, registered SP-FZD for Aeroklub Ziemi Zamojskiej.


662         Yakovlev Yak-12M, (c/n 169662) ex Polish AF, registered SP-ABT for Aeroklub Ziemi Zamojskiej.



2616        Antonov An-2T, (c/n 1G26-16) (fuselage) ex Polish AF.


This An-2 is kept as a spares source for the aero club's flyer (away at the moment). This is another refugee from the former tech school at Zamosc you can just make out where "TSWL" has been overpainted above the two iterations of the c/n.


ZAMOSC 5.4.08:

Preserved at the Muzeum Arsenal in ul Podgroble.....


4601        Mil Mi-2Sz, (c/n 544601016) ex Polish AF.

611         TS-11 Iskra bis B, (c/n 1H0611) (bl) 'B' ex Polish AF.


Preserved at gate of the former TSWL.....


1023        TS-11 Iskra bis B, (c/n 1H1023) (r) 'B' ex Polish AF, Soc 19.6.78, painted as "1995".


CHELM 5.4.08:

Displayed at the Instytut Nauk Technicznych in ul Partyzantow.....


9321        MiG-21UM, (c/n 516999321) d/d 5.9.80 to 9 PLM, Polish AF. To 10 PLM, to 10 elt, stored at Lask, offered for sale by AMW 10.04.


2130        Mil Mi-2T, (c/n 562130121) ex Polish AF & Deblin store.

1219        TS-11 Iskra bis D, (c/n 3H1219) ex Polish AF.


There is also a civil An-2 here. The INT is part of the PWSZ (Panstwowa Wyzsza Szkola Zawodowa w Chelmie).


WLODAWA 5.4.08:

Preserved at Skup Metali Kolorowych i Makulatury on Rte 812.....


0405        TS-8 Bies, (c/n 1E0405) ex Polish AF.

9109        MiG-21MF, (c/n 969109) ex Polish AF.


The identity of the TS-8 is to be confirmed (some repainting has been going on) and there is also a civil Mi-2 here. This was the second time we had tracked down this MiG-21 in far flung parts of Poland as it previously resided behind the post office in Secemin.



Preserved at the Szkola Podstawowa.....


0808        TS-8 Bies, (c/n 1E0808) ex Polish AF.


Identity of this TS-8 is not obvious but Otger v/d Kooij recently confirmed 0808 under the paint on the fuselage and under a wing.



Preserved at the Motel Relax on Rte 2.....


828         TS-11 Iskra bis B, (c/n 1H0828) (r) ex Polish AF.



Preserved at Centrum Handlowe Oskar.....


1901        MiG-21M, (c/n 961901) d/d 2.3.70 to 9 PLM, Polish AF. To 2 PLM. Wears 1 ELT & 41 ELT badges.

 0603        Mil Mi-2P, (c/n 530603127) ex Polish AF, registered SP-FSD.

1011        TS-11 Iskra bis B, (c/n 1H1011) ex Polish AF.


Preserved at the former air base.....


306         MiG-17PF, (c/n 5331030306) d/d 24.8.55 to 21 SELM, Polish AF. Painted as "5058", dedicated 28.2.02.


This rather smart looking MiG is one of the relatively few Russian built MiG-17s in Poland and commemorates the pilots lost by 61 LPSz-B/3 OSzL from 1958 until its closure as an Iskra base a few years ago.



Preserved in a field on Rte 698 E of the village......


311         TS-11 Iskra, (c/n 1H0311) (y) ex 60 LPSz, Polish AF.


LUKOW 5.4.08:

Preserved in town at the side of Rte 63.....


1927        Lim-2, (c/n 1B01927) ex Polish AF, painted as "1944".



A double bonus here, first to find some MiG-29s out on the ramp on a Saturday afternoon and secondly for Eric to survive a visit to Minsk without needing hospital treatment.


89          MiG-29, (c/n 2960526389) 1 ELT, Polish AF.

105         MiG-29, (c/n 2960535105) 1 ELT, Polish AF.

114         MiG-29, (c/n 2960535114) 1 ELT, Polish AF.


0614        Mil Mi-2RL, (c/n 510614018) 1 ELT, Polish AF.




9114        MiG-21MF, (c/n 969114) d/d 7.5.74 to 41 PLM, Polish AF.

9233        MiG-21UM, (c/n 516999233) d/d 18.1.80 to 34 PLM, Polish AF.

4605        Sukhoi Su-22M-4, (c/n 24605) ex Polish AF.



The completion of construction of the new terminal here has made life much easier as it is now a simple matter to view the military ramp from the terminal. Yak-40s 038 & 041 have been reported as stored but were not obviously so, all four being out on the ramp.


0206        Antonov M-28TD, (c/n AJG002-06) 36 SPLT, Polish AF.

631         Mil Mi-8S, (c/n 10631) 36 SPLT, Polish AF.

101         Tu-154M, (90A-837) 36 SPLT, Polish AF.

504         W-3P Sokol, (c/n 330504) 36 SPLT, Polish AF.

0619        W-3WA Sokol, (c/n 360619) 1 OSzL, Polish AF.

038         Yakovlev Yak-40, (c/n 9441237) 36 SPLT, Polish AF.

041         Yakovlev Yak-40, (c/n 9541843) 36 SPLT, Polish AF.

044         Yakovlev Yak-40, (c/n 9840659) 36 SPLT, Polish AF.

045         Yakovlev Yak-40, (c/n 9840759) 36 SPLT, Polish AF.


Preserved on airport approach road.....


9308        MiG-21UM, (c/n 516999308) d/d 28.7.80 to 26 PLM, Polish AF.


OTREBUSY 5.4.08:

Muzeum Motorzacji i Techiki storage compound on Rte 719.....


-           TS-8 Bies, (c/n 1E....) ex Polish AF, "B-53".


The second TS-8 here (the previously displayed in this car museum) has  recently left, allegedly for restoration to fly at Radom. However, a second TS-8 has recently been added to the (non-flying) collection preserved at Radom....


WARKA 5.4.08:

Preserved at 1 PLM memorial on ul Dluga....


026         Lim-2, (c/n 1B.....) ex Polish AF (dedicated 23.8.69).



Preserved at Bliska petrol station on Rte 7.....


6256        Sukhoi Su-20R, (c/n 74416) ex 7 PLBR, Polish AF.



Preserved outside the Armex Firmowy premises on Rte 7.....


312         TS-11 Iskra, (c/n 1H0312) ex Polish AF.



Preserved in town centre by Rte 728.....


309               Lim-5, (c/n 1C0309) d/d 27.3.57 to 10 DLM, Polish AF. Painted as "5058".


ZARNOW 6.4.08:

Preserved (in imaginative colours) at a Shell petrol station on Rte 74.....


1810        MiG-21M, (c/n 961810) d/d 30.12.69 to 41 PLM, Polish AF.



Displayed at Kamieniarstwo Jan Kol on Rte 42.....


2089        MiG-21R, (c/n 94R022089) d/d 26.1.72 to 32 PLRT, Polish AF.


You may think that a memorial stonemason's is a strange place for a preserved MiG-21, yet that's where both this and the Tumlin machine (below) are. In fact whilst we were at Tumlin an old man was measuring up a grave stone.


MNIOW 6.4.08:

Preserved at Plock filling station on Rte 74.....


106         Lim-2, (c/n 1B00106) ex Polish AF.


TUMLIN 6.4.08:

Preserved at Dabrowka Zaklad Przerobu Kamienia Budowlanego.....


07                MiG-21bis, (c/n 75078855) d/d 13.3.80 to 34 PLM, Polish AF, Wfu 17.5.93 to instructional at Olesnica as "07/Szkolny".



Museum Orla Bialego


3054    VEB-14, (c/n 14803054) ex 13 PLT, Polish AF.

1526    Lim-2R, (c/n 1B01526) ex Polish AF.

1001    Lim-5P, (c/n 1001) d/d 13.5.55 to 21 SELM, Polish AF, to 41 PLM, to Polish Navy for 7 PLM-B.

635     Lim-6MR, (c/n 1D0635) built as Lim-6M, d/d 10.1.61 to 29 PLM, Polish AF. Converted to Lim-6MR '73, to 40 PLM, to 8 PLM-B, Wfu 10.7.87.

2401    MiG-21PF, (c/n 762401) d/d 14.4.64 to 62 PLM, Polish AF, Soc 30.8.88.

0207    TS-8 Bies, (c/n 1E0401) ex Polish AF. Painted as "0401".

809     Sukhoi Su-7BKL, (c/n 7809) ex Polish AF.

21        Yakovlev Yak-23, (c/n ....) ex Polish AF.


BRZEZINY 6.4.08:

Preserved at Paliw Dostarcza PKN Orlen .....


6262        Sukhoi Su-20R, (c/n 74312) ex 7 PLBR, Polish AF, ex Tarnow.


PINCZOW 6.4.08:

Preserved outside MOSiR leisure centre.....


0519        TS-8 Bies, (c/n 1E0519) ex Polish AF.


Dodging the traffic at Pinczow we called in at the excellent Krakow museum to catch up on some newcomers since our previous visit in 2005.


KRAKOW 6.4.08:

Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego


2003              MiG-21M, (c/n 962003) d/d 29.1.70 to 41 PLM, Polish AF. To 10 PLM, to 10 ELT.

9107              MiG-21MF, (c/n 969107) d/d 23.4.74 to 41 PLM, Polish AF. To 10 PLM, to 10 ELT (Special marks).

9204              MiG-21bis, (c/n 7508924) d/d 14.7.81 to 26 PLM, Polish AF. To 9 PLM, to 3 ELT.

9349              MiG-21UM, (c/n 516999349) d/d 5.5.81 to 11 PLM, Polish AF. To 3 ELT (Special marks).

05          Mil Mi-2M2, (c/n ZD0105094) ex Polish AF (arr 27.7.07).

6048      Mil Mi-2Ch, (c/n 516048049) ex Polish AF & Lodz.

304         Sukhoi Su-22UM-3K, (c/n 17532368304) ex Polish AF.

3005        Sukhoi Su-22M-4, (c/n 23005) ex Polish AF.

1221        TS-11 Iskra bis DF, (c/n 3H1221) ex 1 OSzL, Polish AF.

1909        TS-11R Iskra, (c/n 3H1909) ex 3 elt, Polish AF.


Building work appeared to be just starting on a major development here which will enable more of this magnificent collection to be properly cared for.




0209        M-28B Bryza, (c/n AJG002-09) 13 ELTr, Polish AF.

0210        M-28B Bryza, (c/n AJG002-10) 13 ELTr, Polish AF.

0212        M-28B Bryza, (c/n AJG002-12) 13 ELTr, Polish AF.

0214        M-28B Bryza, (c/n AJG003-02) 13 ELTr, Polish AF.

0217        M-28B/PT Bryza, (c/n AJG003-05) 13 ELTr, Polish AF.


012         CASA C295M, (c/n S-...) 13 ELTr, Polish AF.

014         CASA C295M, (c/n S-...) 13 ELTr, Polish AF.

015         CASA C295M, (c/n S-...) 13 ELTr, Polish AF.

016         CASA C295M, (c/n S-...) 13 ELTr, Polish AF.

018         CASA C295M, (c/n S-...) 13 ELTr, Polish AF.

020         CASA C295M, (c/n S-044) 13 ELTr, Polish AF.


4545        Mil Mi-2RL, (c/n 544545016) 13 ELTr, Polish AF.


0852        Antonov An-2, (c/n 1G108-52) Polish AF (Stored).

7445        Antonov An-2, (c/n 1G74-45)  Polish AF (Stored).

7447        Antonov An-2, (c/n 1G74-47)  Polish AF (Stored).


1403        Antonov An-26, (c/n 1509) 13 ELTr, Polish AF.

1406        Antonov An-26, (c/n 1509) 13 ELTr, Polish AF.

1508        Antonov An-26, (c/n 1509) 13 ELTr, Polish AF (stored).

1602        Antonov An-26, (c/n 1509) 13 ELTr, Polish AF.

1603        Antonov An-26, (c/n 1509) 13 ELTr, Polish AF.

1509        Antonov An-26, (c/n 1509) 13 ELTr, Polish AF.


The remaining stored An-26s were not read off but for the record should still be 1310, 1402, 1407, 1604.


This place is now a thriving civil airport and has changed somewhat since 1994 when I last flew out of here, in a Polish AF An-26. The military transports are expected to move to Powidz soon.


BIELANY 6.4.08:

Preserved in town centre on ul Ksiecia Jozefa (Rte 728).....


-           Yakovlev Yak-23, (c/n ....) ex Polish AF, painted as "1616".


Even with Sat Nav you can still be presented with some obstacles - but we still made it to the last target before returning to Krakow and home.


BRZESINY 6.4.08:


032         Yakovlev Yak-40, (c/n 9331129) ex 36 SPLT, Polish AF.


This machine looks somewhat out of place being preserved for no apparent reason at a private lakeside out in the sticks.




Flew from Krakow to Rzeszow on Ryanair's Boeing 737-8AS EI-DAW (c/n 33556) "FR2437" taking off from runway 25 at 22:43 and landing on runway 23 at Stansted at 00:43 (23:43L).


With thanks to the usual suspects, Eric, Ian and the Boy.