The Gathering


Evening flying at the Mustang Gathering


When contemplating potential trips early in 2007 it soon became apparent that one event stood out as something rather special and indeed unmissable the Gathering of Mustangs and Legends. The first Gathering took place at Kissimmee, FL, in 1999 and attracted 65 Mustangs and a dozen legends P-51 WW2 combat veterans. For the 2007 Gathering at Rickenbacker, OH, it was hoped to exceed 100 P-51s and 51 legends. The event was billed as "The Final Roundup", for while the numbers of airworthy Mustangs may be increasing the same cannot be said for the legends.


Quite how to attend the Gathering was the subject of some contemplation, but the eventual outcome was that it was tacked onto the end of the family holiday and I was joined by travelling companion John Newton.


We planned a two pronged attack on the Gathering, firstly on the Friday afternoon then again on the Sunday (30th September) before flying home. In between was a visit to the USAF Museum at Dayton but that's another story. Our tactics were very successful. With an event on this scale access is always going to be an issue, but a mid afternoon arrival on Friday was quick and easy, and enabled us to stay until kicking out time. In fact a little bit after as we were behind the 'clearing out posse' when they began their co-ordinated sweep. For the Sunday we had sussed out a devious route to the back gate and were amongst the first dozen people in. Being there at the end and the beginning of two show days gave us some good photo opportunities as we dodged the crowds. An hour or so after the gates opened, the static was a heaving mass of people limiting photo opportunities in the static area to the (highly photogenic) nose art. The set up at the show was quite unusual. The static Mustangs were unfenced allowing the public to get up close and personal with Mustangs, Legends and owners. There was a constant movement of aircraft between the static and the flight line with Mustang operations throughout the day, especially early morning and evening when the airspace was less busy. We reckoned that there must have been about two dozen Mustangs airborne at one point on Friday evening.


Crazy Horse 2 in action    Pairs flyby illustrating two different marks    Formation aerobatics


Bad weather on the Wednesday kept the final P-51 count down to 77, but hey, 77 P-51s on the same field in 2007!! The planned formation of 51 P-51s was cancelled as the practice day was lost due to the weather. However, the sun shone, the air was buzzing with Mustangs and everyone was happy.


For the Legends, the event was a must. Similarly for P-51 owners as opportunities for networking, deal making, parts sourcing and exchange of Mustang expertise were unparalleled. For the average Mustang lover, it was a never to be repeated event and a fantastic experience.


Below is an extract from my log detailing just those aircraft encountered for the first time. The Gathering has of course been well reported elsewhere so those seeking details of all 77 Mustangs will not have far to search. This is just a personal view...


Gathering of Mustangs.....


42-103293   TP-51C-NT, The original P-51C 42-103293 was w/o in combat 3.5.44. Effectively a new build (and only) TP-51C. Parts recovered by Craig Charleston in UK. Restored by John Muszala of Pacific Fighters, ID. Registered NL251MX 27.6.03 for Max Chapman, Kissimmee, FL (Gardner Capital Management Corp) and f/f 5.5.04. Painted in 307 FS/31 FG colours as "2106511/CM-M" "Betty Jane".


42-103831   P-51C-NT, d/d USAAF, for disposal at Stillwater AFB, sold to Paul Mantz 19.2.46, to NX1204, modified with additional wing tanks to win the Bendix Transcontinental Race in '48, to Tallmantz/Movieland of the Air Museum, Orange County, CA. To Weeks Air Museum '85, stored pending restoration, damaged by Hurricane Andrew 24.8.92, restored at Salinas, CA, '94-'00. Registered NX1204 15.6.90 for Kermit Weeks, Tamiami, FL. Painted as "72" "Ina the Macon Belle".


43-6006     P-51A-NA, d/d USAAC, accepted 3.4.43 at Mines Field, d/d Ladd Field 1.5.43, crash landed Summit, AK, 24.2.44, wreck recovered by Waldon "Moon" Spillers, Versailles, OH, 10.77. Rebuilt using P-51D fuselage components (from 44-73483/N351D) and ex TNI-AU main plane, to N51Z, f/f 3.7.85. Registered N51Z 11.10.95 for Jerry Grabe, Hollister, CA. Painted as "Polar Bear".


43-43335    XP-51G-NA, to ground instruction, recovered whilst en-route to a scrap yard. Under restoration by John Morgan, La Canada, CA. "Margie Hart".


44-13257    P-51D-NA, d/d NACA 22.12.44 for high speed research as NACA 108, Soc 12.7.57, sold as surplus 11.57 at Norfolk NAS, to Charles Snydor as N4222A, to Trans Florida Aviation, Sarasota, FL, '59. To Cavalier Aircraft Corp and re-manufactured as F-51D Mk.2 prototype 12.67, to David B Lindsay/Lindsay Newspapers Inc '70, Registered NL51DL 15.4.83 for Lindair Ltd, Sarasota, FL.


44-14985    P-51D-NA, ex USAAF, to Bob Odegaard, Kindred, ND 1.5.01 as N350RJ, to William Wiemann, Fargo, ND, 2002 as N551W. Registered NL551W 11.8.07 for Trent Latshaw (Latshaw Drilling & Exploration Co), Tulsa OK. Painted as "CY-G" "The Milllie G".


44-63476    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, to 15th AF, to FA Uruguay '50 as FAU-252, crashed in Rio Negro, wreck located '92, shipped to USA '94, rebuilt by Gerry Beck in N Dakota. Registered N63476 8.3.00 for Bob May, ND (Dakota Mustang Inc). Painted as "9274/AC-274" "City of Winnipeg".


44-63663    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, served with Minnesota & Montana ANG, to Trans Florida Aviation '58, to FA Guatemala '62 as FAG-354, to Don Hull 8.72 as N41749, to Wilson C Edwards '78, to Richard Hanson '96, to Mark Rueckland, Rochester, NY, in 2003. Registered NL41749 2.12.04 for Christopher "Kit" Goldsbury Jr, San Antonio, TX. Painted as "CY-M" "Miss Marilyn".


44-63889    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, to 318 FS/325 FG as '60' assigned to Lt Albert S Hall, to Maryland ANG, sold '58, to Harold Reavis, Fayetteville, NC, '66 as N7710C, to Dan Furtrell, Nashville, TN 8.69, to WR Rodgers, Rolling Fork, MS, '72. To Gary McCann, Stratford, Ontario, 12.73 as CF-FUZ, re-reg'd C-FFUZ 20.11.85. Registered NL4034S 21.11.02 for John D Anderson, IL.



44-72145    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, to N6169C '63, to John C Seidel, Sugar Grove, IL, '63 as N311G, to Waldo Klabo, Pleasanton, CA, '78, to Don Whittington, Fort Lauderdale, FL, to Peter McManus, Fort Lauderdale, FL, to Peter McManus/Castlewood Realty, Miami, FL, 1.85 as N51PT. To Castlewood Airmotive, Baltimore, MD, 29.8.86. Registered NL51PT 11.3.05 for Jeff Pryor, Santa Barbara, CA. Painted as John C Meyer's "HO-M" "Petie 3rd".


44-72438    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, to 8th AF, to RSwedAF 24.4.48, d/d FA Dominicana 10.52 as FAD-1920, to Brian O'Farrell/Johnson Aviation, Hialeah, FL, 18.5.84,  to Selby R Burch, Kissimmee, FL, '87. Stored at Kissimmee, restored to flying condition in 118 TRS marks, to Bob Jepson/Lady Alice Corporation, Wilmington, DE. Registered N7551T 15.3.06 for John Sessions/Historic Aircraft Foundation. Painted as "PZ-H" "Hell-er Bust".


44-72907    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, to 8th AF, returned to USA, to FA Guatemala '58 as FAG-357, to Don Hull, Sugarland, TX, 8.72 as N41748, to Wilson C Edwards, Big Spring, TX, '78, to Duane Castro, Castro Valley, CA, '99. Registered NL334FS 7.1.00 for Duane S Doyle and f/f at Hollister 21.1.02. Painted as in 334 FS/4th FG colours as "473108/QP-O" "Red Dog XII".


44-72922    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, to 434 FS/479 FG as Robin Olds' "Scat VII", for disposal at McClellan 17.2.58, to Robert H Fee 17.2.58 as N7718C, to Larry Sheerin, San Antonio, TX 5.58 as N18Y, to Robin Eschauzier, Lackland AFB, TX, 20.11.58, registered N6830T 3.2.61, to William D Owens, Hodo, TX, 25.10.62, reg'd N577WD 28.1.63, to Space Systems Lab, Melbourne, FL, '63. To David B Lindsay/Trans Florida Aviation, Sarasota, FL, 24.3.67, to David B Lindsay/Lindsay Newspapers, FL, 10.9.71, stored at King City, CA, '71-'85 for Gordon W Plaskett, to John Dilley/Fort Wayne Air Service, IN, '85. Fuselage used in construction of Learstang racer N91JD '85-'88. Fuselage rebuilt as stock TF-51D, Salinas, CA, '93. to Jim & Carol Shuttleworth, Huntington, IN, '92. To N93TF, f/f 6.6.93, crashed 20.2.03 near Urbana, IN, on a flight from Huntington. Rebuilt and registered NL93TF 1.6.05 for Flight Management LLC. Painted as "L2-W" "Scat VII".


44-72942    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF 19.2.45, to 12th AF, to 15th AF, returned to Newark, NJ, 9.45, to ANG, disposed of '57 to Dale Newton, to N5427V for Robert Fulton, CT, '63, to Gordon Plaskett, CA, for restoration, to Tony Buechler. Registered NL5427V 19.9.85 for Anthony A Buechler. Painted as "414151/HO-M" "Petie 2nd".


44-73206    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, sold at McClellan '58, to Trans Florida Aviation, Sarasota, FL, as N7724C, damaged in wheels-up landing at Opa Locka 22.6.64, to Henry B Faulkner, Stoddard, NH, '66 as N3751D, damaged in wheels-up landing at Frederick, MD, 16.9.67 and again 21.3.68. To Jean-Francois Lejeune, Faaa, Tahiti, '75 as F-AZAG, to Chino 4.83 as N3751D. To Clyde Logan Neill, Indian Wells, CA, 4.83. Restored as "JF-L" "Hurry Home Honey" and flown again 2.84. To Al Ashbourne, Chino, CA, '85, to Charles A Osborne/Blue Sky Aviation, Sellersburg, IN. Registered NL3751D 10.5.06 for Joe Richardson/Mojo Aerospace LLC. Painted as Maj Pete Peterson's "413586/C5-T" "Hurry Home Honey".


44-73210    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, to Flying W Inc, Medford, NJ, '63 as N5461V, to Rusk Aviation, Kankakee, IL, '63, to Edward G Fisher Jr, Kansas City, KS, '66, to Gardner Flyers Inc, Brownwood, TX, '70, to Kenneth Boomhower, KS, '73, crashed on t/o at Fort Collins, CO, 17.5.73. To Angelo and Peter Regina, Van Nuys, CA, '78 and rebuilt using an ex IDF/AF fuselage, f/f at Van Nuys 30.1.80 as "473210/WD-B" "Widowmaker", to N1040N for Angelo Regina 1.80, to Joseph Kasparoff, Montebello, CA, '88. Registered CF-IKE 11.7.95 for Ike Enns/CanAm Investments. Painted as "WD-B" "Miracle Maker".


44-73260    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF. To N5075K '63, to Trans Florida Aviation at Sarasota, FL, to Joseph E Anzelon, Whitestone, NY, '63 as N451D, nosed over on landing at Kansas City, MO, 2.9.64, to Howard Olsen, Midland, TX, '66, to Trans Florida Abiation, Sarasota, FL, '69, to Cavalier Aircraft Corp 8.69, to Indonesian AF '70 as F-360, crashed in Java 24.6.75. Recovered by Stephen Johnson/Vanpac Carriers, Oakland, CA, '79 and to Steve Wilmans for restoration by Aero Trader at Chino. Registered N83KD 17.4.03 for David O'Malley/Corp Service Co. Painted in 350 FS/353 FG colours as "484410/LH-O" "Cincinnati Miss".



44-73279    P-51D-NA, ex USAAF, to ANG. Purchased by John Maguire in 2000 as a collection of parts including wing and fuselage parts of 44-73279, combined with a Beck fuselage and Odegaard wing. Completed 2003. Registered NL451D 14.5.03 for Robert S Baker. Painted in 487 FS/352 FG colours as Cuthbert "Bill" Patillo's "414790/HO-O" "Sweet and Lovely".


44-73287    P-51D-NA, ex USAAF, to 8th AF 13.4.45, to Newark Field, NJ, 18.7.45, to Olmsted AFB, to 20 FBW at Shaw, to 4126 BU at San Bernardino, CA, '48, to 188 FS New Mexico ANG, to 4750 BU at Yuma, to 165 FBS Kentucky ANG '54, to McClellan AFB for reclamation '56, sold to William Kelbaugh, Chico, CA, '58 as N5445V, to William S Cooper, Merced, CA, '64, to James Francis, Medina, OH, '74, to Courtesy Aircraft, Rockford, IL, '77, to James S Francis, Medina, OH, 24.1.78, to N51DF 8.80, to Jack A Rose, Spangle, WA, 6.82, re-reg's N5445V, damaged on landing at Reno-Cannon, NV, 9.9.86. Repaired, to C&C Vintage Aircraft, Rockford, IL, 10.88 as N751JC, to John J Castrgiovanni, Rockford, IL '88, re-reg'd N5445V, to Victor Haluska, Santa Monica Propeller Inc, CA. Registered NL951M 27.3.90 for Michael J George. Painted as  "D7-J" "Worry Bird".


44-73420    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, to 190 FS Idaho ANG, to McClellan '58 for sisposal, to Michael E Coutches/American Aircraft Sales Co, Hayward, CA, 17.2.58 as N7722C, to Ronald E West/West Foods Inc, Soquel, CA, '58. To Richard B McFarlane 21.7.58, to Donald G Bell, Livermore, CA, 25.8.58. To Robert G Bixler, San Jose, CA, 10.65, to Robert H Phillips, Phoenix, AZ, 3.71, to Rob Satterfield, Aaron F Giebel & Dallas L Smith at Midland, TX, 9.9.78. To Rob Satterfield & Dallas L Smith '83, to Dallas L Smith '90. To Brian Hore/Alpine Fighter Collection, NZ and shipped to NZ 12.93 for assembly at Wanaka. To Brian Hore & Tim Wallis/Alpine Fighter Collection, Wanaka, NZ, 28.3.94 and flown in 357 FG colours as "B6-B" "Isabell II", later "Miss Torque". Registered as N7722C 7.12.05 for Jack Croul/Aircorp/Pursuit LLC.


44-73518    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, to Edward G Fisher Jr, Kansas City, KS, '63 as N5483V, to Gary R Levitz/Western Aircraft Leasing, Scottsdale, AZ, '74. Trucked to Scottsdale '74 and rebuilt as a racer with clipped wings, racing canopy and tall tail. To Whittington Brothers Inc, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 6.76. Fitted with Griffon engine and contra rotating props '88 and raced as "Precious Metal" "09". Crash landed and badly damaged at Reno 17.9.88. Rebuilt at Fort Lauderdale using new fuselage and standard mainplane. Ditched in the sea near Galveston, TX, 24.1.90 and salvaged. To Don Whittington/World Jet Inc, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 21.6.94 registered N6WJ. Rebuilt with Griffon 58. Registered N6WJ 2.11.00 for Ron Buccarelli/World Jet Inc. Painted as "38" "Precious Metal".


44-73543    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, to Trans Florida Aviation at Opa Locka, FL, '58 as N5458V, to Indonesian AF as F-3.., to Stephen Johnson/Vanpac Carriers, Oakland, CA, '78. Recovered from Indonesia, to Chris Warrilow at Woburn Green and shipped to UK 2.81. registered G-BLYW 3.6.85, to Don Knapp/DL Precision, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 4.86 as N800DK. To Whittington Brothers, Fort Lauderdale, '88, to Steve Bolander/SWB Leasing, Libertyville, IL, 7.92 as N51SB, to Steve Bolander/Air Bear Corp, Libertyville, IL, 4.94 and flown as "73543/SB-M" "Mary Bear". Damaged after striking parked aircraft at Kenosha, WI. Registered N151TP 12.2.99 for Tom Patten/Patten Aviation Inc. Painted as as Lt Heyer's "HO-P" "Sweetie Face" of 487 FS/352 FG, the "Bluenosed Bastards of Bodney".


44-73656    P-51D-NA, accepted by USAAF 29.3.45, shipped to UK via Newark, NJ, not assigned. Returned to USAAF depot Newark, NJ, 7.45, to 182 FS/Texas ANG at Brooks AFB 31.3.47, to 136 FG/CONAC at Langley AFB 16.11.50, re-assigned to TAC 26.12.50, to 120 FS/Colorado ANG at Buckley Field 3.5.51, to 109 FS/Minnesota ANG 31.3.53, to storage at McClellan 10.12.56, sold to Delta A&E Parts Inc, NC, 17.8.58 as N5073K. To Mike Coutches, Hayward, CA, 11.58, to David Lindsay Jr/Trans Florida Aviation 12.58, to Stanley Dunbar Studios, Charlotte, NC, '63, to Howard Olsen, Midland, TX, '63. To Duncan Airmotive Inc, Galveston, TX, '68, to FA Salvadorena as FAS-406 '68, to Jack W Flaherty/Flaherty Factors Inc, Monterey, CA, 1.11.74 as N32FF, adopted ID of P-51K 44-12473, to Gordon W Plaskett, King City, CA '75 becoming N2151D '76. Restored '76 as "414237/HO-W" "Moonbeam McSwine", to Chris Williams, Ellensburg, WA, '81, to Vlado Lenoch '88. Registered NL2151D 28.9.88 for Vlado Lenoch/Lenoch Engineering Inc. Painted as Capt William T Whisner's "414237/HO-W" "Moonbeam McSwine".


44-73704    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF. To Plauche Electric Inc, Lake Charles, LA, '63 as N6168C, damaged in forced landing with wheels up at Sarasota, FL, 10.8.68. To Marvin "Lefty" Gardner/Gardner Flyers Inc, Brownwood & Mercedes, TX, '70. Flown as race # 25, "Thunderbird". Registered N6168C 25.2.94 for Lewis Shaw/Musco Inc. Painted as "FF-704".



44-74009    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, t/o/s RCAF as 9275 11.1.51, s/o/s 17.9.57, to James H Defuria & Fred J Ritts/Intercontinental Airways, Canastota, NY, 25.2.57 as N6323T, to Aero Enterprises, Elkhart, IN, 1.5.60 as N988C, to Suncoast Aviation, St Petersburg, FL, 8.7.61, to A Fasken, Midland, TX, 29.9.62, to Houston Aircraft Sales, Houston, TX, 1.5.63, to William Fiore, Clairton, PA, 30.4.65, to Frank Cannavo Jr, Lester, PA, 3.2.68, to Robert J Shaver, Brigantine & Linwood, NJ, 26.6.69, to Robert L Ferguson, Wellesley, MA, '79, to Bill McGrath/B&K Leasing Inc, Nantucket, MA, 17.9.01 as N51KB "Kat Bird". Registered N51KB 15.11.06 for Mustang Pilots LLC. Painted as "RL-F" "Ain't Misbehavin".


44-74230    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF. To Robert G Bixler, San Jose, CA, '63 as N5466V, to CL Caprioglio, Fresno, CA, '66, damaged in wheels-up landing at Fresno 29.10.67, to Frank R Davis, Beaverton, OR, '69. To US National Bank, Beaverton, OR, '72, to David Norland, Denver, CO, '78 and flown as race #76 "No Name Dame". To James F Norland, Wasilla, AK, '90, to David Norland, Denver, CO, 12.5.94, restored to airworthiness at New Smyrna Beach, FL, '98. To Jack Rousch, Livonia, MI, '00 as N51CY. Registered N551J 21.7.03 for Jack Rousch and flown again 8.03, initially as Chuck Yeager's "414888/B6-Y" "Glamorous Glen III". Painted as Capt Jim Browning's "414937/B6-P" "Gentleman Jim".


44-74391    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF 23.5.45, stored at 4003rd AAF Base Unit, New Jersey. To 4121st AAF Base Unit at Kelly AFB 2.47, to 113 FS/Indiana ANG at Stout Field, Indianapolis, 1.48, to 156 FS/NC ANG at Charlotte 10.50, to 123 FBW at Goodman AFB, KY, 11.50, to 146 FBW at George AFB 12.51, to 21 FBS at George 1.53, to 124 FBS at George 5.53, to 169 FBS/IL ANG at Greater Peoria 6.55, to store at McClellan 10.56 and Soc 4.58. To FA Guatemala as FAG-351 '58, to Don Hull, Sugarland, TX, 8.72 as N38229, to Wilson "Connie" Edwards, Big Spring, TX, '78, to Heber Costello/HEC Equipment LLC at Oak Grove, LA, 5.6.00. Registered N351MX 30.10.00 for Chris Woods/Woods Aviation LLC, Carefree, AZ. Painted in 307 FS/31 FG colours as Lt Jim Brooks' "MX-I" "February".


44-74453    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, t/o/s RCAF as 9597 8.11.50, s/o/s 15.10.59, to Trans Florida Aviation at Sarasota, FL, 20.5.59 as N9150R, to ED Weiner, Los Angeles, CA, 29.7.60 as N1335, to Margaret & Frank Woodside, Lubbock, TX, 10.61, to Aero Enterprises, Elkhart, IN, 12.3.62, to John M Barker, Indianapolis, IN, 25.2.63. Crashed on landing at Indianapolis 17.3.63, wreckage to Bill Destafani, Shafter, CA, '81 and rebuilt using an Australian airframe, adopted ID 44-13903. To Jerry C James, Vancouver, BC, '87 as C-GJCJ. To James R Priebe, Findlay, OH, '88 as N151JP, to Howard Ross/Kipnis Inc, Chicago, IL, 10.5.93 becoming N251HR, flown as "413903/WD-L" "Glamorous Jan". Registered NL751RB 22.2.02 for Robert Baranaskas/Leestown Aviation Inc, Northpoint, NY. Painted in 4th FG colours as "413903/WD-L" "Glamorous Gal".


44-74458    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, to RCAF as 9226, to N9145R '59, crashed '63, rebuilt as TP-51 by Aerospace Modifications '70, rebuilt for John Marlin '73 as N65206 "Green Machine" race #17. Registered NL351DM 22.12.87 for Dave Marco/Barnstorm Aviation and flown again by Glenn Wegman '91. Painted in 4 FG colours as Maj Gerald Montgomery's "415326/QP-H" "Sizzlin' Liz".


44-74466    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, t/o/s RCAF as 9227 15.11.50, s/o/s 4.1.56, to Stinson Field Aircraft, San Antonio, TX, 26.10.56 as N10607, to George D Hanby, Eanston, IL, 27.2.57, to Thermal Belt Air Service, Tryon, NC, 12.5.57, to Northrop Carolina Inc, Ashville, NC, 3.8.57, to George D Hanby, Philadelphia, PA, '63. To John M Sliker, Wadley, GA, 19.3.69 annd flown as race #17 "Escape", to Madelaine H Sliker, Wadley, GA, 24.3.76, to Wiley Sanders, Troy, AL, '85, crashed on landing at Reno 14.9.85, rebuilt and flown as race #69 "Georgia Mae", to Harry Barr/Parmley Aviation Services, Council Bluffs, IA, 9.12.93 Registered NL10607 22.8.07 for Harry Barr. Painted as in Nebraska ANG colours as "Barbara Jean".



44-74474    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, t/o/s RCAF '51 as 9270, to N6341T '60, to Margaret Kahlow '62, to William Sullivan '65, to AC Lofgren '71, to Bob Byrne '81 as "474474/RF-B" "Rascal", to Jack Rousch '94 as "Old Crow", taxiing accident '00. Registered NL451MG 5.5.06 for Jim Hagedorn/Old Crow LLC. Painted as Col Bud Anderson's "414450/B6-S" "Old Crow".


44-74497    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, t/o/s RCAF 15.11.50 as 9230 for 420 Sqn at Crumlin, s/o/s 1.11.60, to James H Defuria/Intercontinental Airways, Conastota, NY, 30.12.58 as N6320T, to Aero Enterprises, Elkhart, IN, '60, to Ralph W Rensink, Lewiston, ID, 10.1.62, to Kenneth W Neal, Medford, OR, 26.3.66. Crashed at Lancaster, CA, 2.8.69, to Glenn Cook, Seattle, WA, 26.1.70, to Mike Smith, Johnson, KS, '70, trucked from Seattle to Johnson, KS, for rebuild, f/f 3.71. To IN "Junior" Burchinall at Paris, TX, 14.11.72, to Kent Jones, Dallas, TX, 3.1.73, to John Rutherford, Fort Worth, TX, 11.75. To Jim Hunt, Atlanta, GA, '79, to Hess Bomberger/Heritage Aircrft Inc, Fayetteville, GA, '80 and flown as "415080/QI-B" "Vergeltungswaffe". Registered N6320T 22.10.98 for Bob Jepson/Lady Alice Corp and f/f 3.9.02. Painted in 352 FS/353 FG colours as "SX-H" "Little Witch".


44-74502    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, t/o/s RCAF 6.12.50 as 9232, s/o/s 1.11.60, to James H Defuria/Intercontinental Airways, Canastota, NY, 30.12.58 as CF-MWC, to Aero Enterprises, Elkhart, IN, '60 as N6321T, reportedly seized en-route Cuba in '62, to Otha D Aishman, Salina, KS, 20.7.62, to Edward Fisher/Fisher Flying Service, Kansas City, KS, 2.7.64, to Leroy Penhall, Balboa, CA, 21.8.73 and flown as race #33. To Military Aircraft International Inc, Miami, FL, 2.11.73, to Ken Burnstine '76 as N70QF and flown as race #34 "Miss Foxy Lady", to MD Pruitt Furniture Co, Phoenix, AZ, 5.3.76, to Gary Levitz/Western Aircraft Leasing, Scottsdale, AZ, 4.6.76. To John V Cocker, Oakland, CA, 3.8.78 as N51VC and flown as race #6 "Sumthin Else". Crash landed at Seattle, WA, 7.90, stored pending restoration. To Dick Thurman/Vintage Warbirds Inc, Louisville, KY, 11.99 as N351DT. Completed '00 and flown as "413806/PE-P" "Kentucky Babe". Registered NL351DT 31.7.07 for Lee Lauderback/CH Two LLC. Painted in 487 FS/352 FG colours as "413806/DS/LL" "Crazy Horse2".


44-74524    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, to 8th AF, to RSwedAF, to FA Dominicana. To Robert J Odegaard '90 as N7129E, to Henry Reichert, ND, 12.5.97. Registered NL151HR 27.7.05 for Hank Reichert/Aviation Enterprises 2 LLC. Painted in 358 FS/355 FG colours as "YF-M" "Dakota Kid II/Long Island Kid".


44-74543    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, t/o/s RCAF 6.12.50 as 9252, s/o/s 17.9.57, to James H Defuria & Fred J Ritts/Intercontinental Airways, Canastota, NY, 25.2.57, stored outside at Canastota, to Ray O Denman, Brewerton, NY, 28.6.61 and displayed outside car dealer, to Richard M Vartanian, Pasadena, CA, 30.6.65, trucked from Canastota 6.74. Stored dismantled at Brewster, later Johnstown, NY, '80, registered N4543 '78. Adopted ID "44-63655". Restored by Square One. Registered NL5500S 24.8.98 for Chuck & Bev Greenhill/Amphib Inc, Wheeling, IL and f/f 10.8.01 by Tim McCarter. Painted as "414320/E2-B" "Geraldine".



44-74739    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, t/o/s RCAF 16.3.51 as 9297, s/o/s 14.5.59, to James H Defuria & Fred J Ritts/Intercontinental Airways, Canastota, NY, 27.2.59 as N8672E, to Aero Enterprises, Elkhart, IN, 18.6.60, to Midwest Airways, Cincinatti, OH, 10.5.61. Converted to Cavalier configuration by Trans Florida Aviation 4.62, to Aerial Services Inc. London, OH, 10.62 as N151Q, to Valair Aircraft, Cincinatti, OH, 23.5.63. To ER Cantrell/Angels Aviation, Zephyrhillis, FL, 3.7.64, to Trans Florida Aviation Inc, Sarasota, FL, 28.3.67, to Cavalier Aircraft Corp, Sarasota, FL, 4.8.67 and re-manufactured '71, bought by North American Rockwell Corp, El Segundo, CA, for Bob Hoover and registered 8.5.71 as N51RH. Damaged by wing fire at Marysville, OH, 8.9.84, repaired, to Robert A Hoover/Evergreen International, Los Angeles, CA, 28.8.86.  Registered N51RH 18.4.06 for John Bagley/51RH LLC, Rexburg, IN. Painted as "47" "Ole Yeller".


44-74813    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, t/o/s RCAF 10.1.51 as 9261, s/o/s 17.8.59, to James H Defuria & Fred J Ritts/Intercontinental Airways, Canastota, NY, 21.7.58 as N6301T, reported crashed at Canastota 27.6.60, to Aero Enterprises, Elkhart, IN 30.8.60, to DC Mullery, Chicago, IL, 11.62. T Richard D Burns 28.9.66, collision on t/o at Oshkosh, WI, 29.7.78, to Jack D Rodgers, Rockford, IL, '87, to Richard D Burns, Hinsdale, IL, '90. To Jack D Rodgers, Chicago-Du Page, IL, 6.93 and operated by Air Classics Aircraft Museum as "414906/PE-P" "Cripes a Mighty". To Ken Wagnon, Wichita, KS, 10.96 moving to Danville, IL, 10.96 for restoration by Midwest Aero Restorations as N251KW. Re-registered N151KW and f/f 18.4.01. Registered NL151KW 21.6.07 for Alpine Aviation LLC, Alpine, WY. Painted in 352 FG colours (the "Blue-nosed Bastards of Bodney") as Maj GE Preddy's "414906/PE-P" "Cripes a Mighty".


44-74832    P-51D-NA, Composite of 45-11453 and 44-74832. 44-74832 d/d USAAF, t/o/s RCAF 10..1.51 as 9269, s/o/s 1.11.60, to James H Defuria & Fred J Ritts/Intercontinental Airways, Canastota, NY, 30.12.58 as CF-MWT, to James H Defuria, Canastota, NY, '60 as N6310T. To Aero Enterprises, Elkhart, IN, 10.5.60, to Clyde C Werner, Elkhart, IN, 17.6.61. To Mark Clark/Courtesy Aircraft, Loves park, IL, 5.6.68, to William J Allen, Greensboro, NC, 13.9.68, to Tifton Air Services, Tifton, GA, 7.6.69, to Max R Hoffman, Fort Collins, CO, 4.3.71, to Gerald Konig/Konig Spraying Service, Tuma, CO, 10.76, to Max R Hoffman, Collins, CO, 1.2.78. To Ward Wilkins, Liden, IN, '80, to Gary Norton/Norton Aero, Athol, ID, '81 and displayed at Henly Aerodrome & Museum of Transportation, Athol, ID. Destroyed in hangar fire at Athol '81. Remains to Mickey Rupp at Port Salerno, FL, '83 ad ID transferred to 45-11453/N551MR.  45-11453 d/d USAAF, to John A Colling, Scottsdale, AZ, '63 as N5479V, to TA Underwood, Buckeye, AZ, '63, to Sanford Aviation, Gardena, CA, '66. To FA Boliviana 10.6.66 as FAB-511, to Andy Carnegie, Edmonton, Alberta, 12.77 as C-GXUP. To George Roberts, FL, 6.5.78 as N59038, re-reg'd N6310T '78, to Whittington Brothers, Fort Lauderdale, FL, '82, rebuilt at Fort Collins, CO, '82 and f/f 5.85 adopting ID "44-74832". To Herbert Rupp, Port Salerno, FL, 6.85 as N551MR and flown as "474832/MR-A" "Sweets". Flew as race #5 "414450" "Old Crow", later race #5 "Samurai Mustang". Crashed and burned at Naked Lady Ranch, Palm City, FL, 12.2.96. Remains and paperwork purchased by Jack Rousch '03. Registered NX551TM 25.10.05 for Timothy L McPherson. Painted as "474832/VF-H" "Boomer".



44-74878    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, t/o/s RCAF 10.1.51 as 9259, s/o/s 17.9.57, to James H Defuria & Fred J Ritts/Intercontinental Airways, Canastota, NY, 25.2.57 as N6306T, to Aero Enterprises, Elkhart, IN, 10.5.60, to Suncoast Aviation, St Petersburg, FL, 8.7.61, to Florida Automotive Sales, Ft Lauderdale, FL, 14.11.61, to Sherman Aircraft Sales, Fort Wayne, IN, 7.7.62, to Howard Olsen Development Co, Midland, TX, 3.8.64, to Huntley Aviation Service, Leland, MS, 7.1.65, to Marvin L Gardner/Gardner Flyers Inc, Brownfield, TX, 7.1.69, to Tom Wood Aircraft Co, Kalamazoo, MI, 6.3.69. Registered N6306T 21.5.93 for Tom Wood Inc. Painted in 55 FG colours as "HI-G".


44-74950    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF. To N5464V, to Melvyn Paisley, Great Falls, MT '63 as N511D, to Mustang Pilot Club, Van Nuys, CA, '63, crashed and destroyed near Palmdale, CA, 25.8.71 (structural failure in flight). ID transferred to CA-18 c/n 1500. To John Silberman, Key West & Tampa, FL, '76 as N20JS "Black Cat". To Selby R Burch, Winter Garden, FL, 11.84 as N7496W. To Dick Thurman/RDT Aviation Corp, Louisville, KY, '93, to Dick Thurman/Vintage Warbirds Inc, Louisville, KY, '95 as NL51DT. To Tom Blair, Potomac, MD '99. Registered NL51DT 25.6.07 for Tom Blair/Spitfire USA Ltd. Painted as "414812/HO-T" "Slender, Tender & Tall".


44-74976    P-51D-NA, d/d USAAF, to 188 FS, to 354 FS, to 108 FS/IL ANG, to 169 FS/IL ANG. To TNI-AU as F-311 8.59, to Stephen Johnson/Vanpac Carriers, Oakland, CA, '78 and recovered from Indonesia, to Ralph W Johnson, Oakland, CA, '79 and registered N98582 13.8.81. Restored at Chino by Steve Hinton & Jim Mahoney'82 and f/f '83. To Jeffrey R Michael, Daytona Beach, FL, 4.99 as N651JM. Registered N651JM 5.11.02 for Jeff Michael/Anna B Michael. Painted as "MR-J" "Obsession".


44-84390    P-51D-NT, d/d USAAF, to Charles A Lyford, Belleview, WA, '63 as N2869D and flown as race #8 "Bardahl Special", to Life Science Church, San Diego, CA, '81 and flown as race #3 "Section Eight", to Bruce Ellis, San Diego, CA, '82, to Douglas D Driscoll, American Falls, ID, 22.2.83. Registered N2869D for Doug Driscoll Painted as "B3-E" "Section Eight".


44-84615    P-51D-NT, d/d USAAF. To Swiss AF, to IDF/AF, to Pioneer Aero Service, Burbank, CA, '66, to Larry R Strimple, Mansfield, OH, '69 as N7099V, re-reg'd N9LR, to Jimmy Leeward, Ocala, FL, '74 as N55JL and raced as #5 "Miss Florida". Registered NL55JL for Dirk Leeward/Bahia Oaks Inc. Painted as "9" "Cloud Dancer".


44-84634    P-51D-NT, d/d USAAF. To FA Nicaragua as GN 96, to MACO Sales Financial Corp, Chicago, IL, 2.9.63 as N6165U, to Thomas J Kuckinsky Menomonee Falls, WI, '66, to Aviation Business Services Inc '70, to Air Sales Inc, Fort Lauderdale, FL, '72, to Max I Ramsay, Johnson, KS, '78. To Firebird Enterprises, OH, '84 as N51JV, to Ohio Associated Enterprises, Painesville, OH, '90, to Edward H Shipley, Malvern, PA, 2.92 as N51ES. Restored at Chino. Registered NL351BD 7.7.03 for Mike Henningsen/Henningsen Air LLC. Painted in 78 FG colours as Col John Landers' "472218/WZ-I" "Big Beautiful Doll".


44-84745    P-51D-NT, d/d USAAF. To Cline Cantarini, Lancaster, CA, '63 as N5439V, to Stanley M Kurzet, Cocina, CA, '66, to Lindsay Newspapers, Sarasota, FL, '72, to David B Lindsay/Lindair Inc, Sarasota, FL, 6.82 as N851D, to Gordon Plaskett, King City, CA, '84 and rebuilt as TF-51 "484662/TF-662". To Bob Amyx, Oklahoma City, OK, '84 as "Rascal III", to Bob Byrne Aviation, Bloomfield, MI, '87, to Doug Schultz/Stallion 51, Nashua, NH. Registered NL851D 17.4.87 for Lee Lauderback/Stallion 51 Corp. Painted in 487 FS/352 FG colours as "DD/LL" "Crazy Horse".


44-84786    P-51D-NT, d/d USAAF 8.6.45, to 363 TRS at Brooks Field, TX, to McClellan for disposal 25.11.49, failed export to IDF/AF, to Michael E Coutches, Hayward, CA, '52, stored. To Bill Myers, St Louis, MO, '61  and stored until to Henry J Schroeder, Danville, IL. Registered N51BS 24.12.81 for Henry ("Butch") J Schroeder III and restored as F-6D at Danville, IL, f/f 17.6.93. Painted as Clyde East's "5M-K" "Lil' Margaret".



44-84900    P-51D-NT, d/d NACA as NACA 127 4.9.45 for verification of wind tunnel data, Soc 5.6.52, displayed on the gate at Pittsburgh ANGB '54 as "484900" in PA ANG marks, coded "AJ-S" from '89. To Dave Tallichet/MARC at Chino, CA, '94 and moved from Pittsburgh to Air Heritage, Beaver County Airport, PA, 5.94. Registered N51YZ 27.11.95 for WC ("Bill") Allmon Jr. Restored by Pacific Fighters, Idaho Falls, ID, and f/f 1.7.98. Painted as "NACA 127".


44-84933    P-51D-NT, d/d USAAF. To McClellan 20.9.57 for disposal, to Earl V Dakin, Sacramento, CA, 30.9.57 as N2874D, to Douglas W Brown/Mustang Aviation, Great Falls, MT, 11.58, to Kathleen C Murphy, Great Falls, MT, 8.10.62. To Edward G Fleming, Calgary, ALB, 10.3.64, registered CF-RUT 4.8.65, to Donald F McGillivray, Nanaimo, BC, 13.8.65, to Charles E Roberts/Calg-Air Sales, Calgary, 4.11.67. To Futrell Aircraft Sales, Hot Springs, AR, 12.12.67 as N201F, to Alexander J Edelman, Great Neck, NY, '69. To Suffolk Flight Associates, Huntington, NY, 6.69, to John J Mark, Milwaukee, WI, '78 as "JJ-M". Registered N201F 26.10.05 for Harry Barr/Advanced Air Inc. Painted as "JJ-D" "Dusty's Dolly".


45-11391    P-51D-NT, ex USAAF. To Thomas A Drummond, Ridgecrest, CA, '63 as N6170C, to Jeffrey D Cannon, Los Angeles, CA, '66. To Arthur R Tucker, Norwood, NJ, '69 as N5151N, to John I Watson, Blackwood, NJ, '78 as N51WT, to Cape May for restoration, to Wally Sanders/Fly Rock Inc, Warrenton, VA, 17.2.94 and flown as "Nervous Energy V". Rebuilt as TF-51D at Van Nuys, to Victor Kobb, Conroe, TX, 13.8.02 as N51MV. Registered NL51MV 23.5.07 for Todd Stuart/Rhino Air Holdings LLC. Painted as "00" "Luscious Lisa".


45-11439    P-51D-NT, d/d USAAF. To Norton M Smith, Seattle, WA, '63 as N5071K, crashed and destroyed 5.11.61. To Barbara Hunter, Lewisburg, WV, 14.7.98 as N51HY. Registered N51HY 6.6.07 for Bill Yoak/Rancho Linda Vista LLC. Painted as "Quicksilver".


45-11540    P-51D-NT, d/d USAAF, to ND ANG, to AL ANG, to KY ANG. To James W Steverson, Littleton, CO, '63 as N5162V. Damaged on t/o at Columbia, MD, 17.2.66, rebuilt at Chino & Van Nuys c.74. To Dennis Schoenfelder, Santa Barbara, CA, '78, to Joe G Mabee, Midland, TX, '84 as N151W. To James A Michaels, Oconomowoc, WI, 5.93 as race #12 "Queen B". Registered N151W 30.9.98 for Jim Reed/JRMC Inc. Painted as "PE-R" "Excalibur".


45-11553    P-51D-NT, d/d USAAF. Sold as surplus at McClellan 20.9.57 becoing N5414V. To Richard D Weaver, Van Nuys, CA, '63 as N713DW, flown as race #6, later #15. To Anthony J Alessandris, Reno, NV, '72 as N22DC, re-reg'd N51T, re-reg'd N51TZ. To Richard Smith, Bradbury, CA, '77 as N5415C. Rebuilt with components from 45-11571/N5415V. Tp RWR Development, Las Vegas, NV, '89, to Unlimited Air Racing, Van Nuys, CA, '90 and flown as "511553/FF-553" "Miss Fit". To Jeff Clyman as N38JC and flown as "511553/WZ-I" "The Jacky C". Registered N51VF 15.7.97 for Charles Osborne/Blue Sky Aviation. Painted as Maj Don S Gentile's "492934/VF-T" "Shangri-La".


45-11586    P-51D-NT, d/d USAAF. For disposal at McClellan 1.57, to Walter D Oakes, Chicago, IL, '63 as N5423V. To Albert Shirkey, Tulsa, OK, as N51HA, to Lynn L Florey, FL, '83 as N13LF. To Harry E Tope, Mt Pleasant, MI, 11.86, to N51HT 2.87 and flown as "Death Rattler". Crashed and destroyed at Ottawa, ONT, 1.7.90. Wreckage to Gerald Beck, Wahpeton, ND, 20.2.97. Registered NL51PE 27.8.02 for Paul C Ehlen. Painted as "413551/FT-K" "Little Horse".


67-22581    Cavalier Mustang Mk.2, New build by Cavalier Aircraft Corp 12.2.68, d/d FA Boliviana as FAB-523 9.5.68. Recovered from Bolivia and to Arny Carnegie, Edmonton, ALB, as C-GMUS 12.77. To Ross F Grady, Edmonton, ALB, 8.78 and flown as "FAB-523" "What's Up Doc?". To Max Chapman, Kissimmee, FL, '97, restored at Fort Wayne and registered as N151MC 9.2.98 to Max Chapman/Gardner Capital managememt Corporation, NY, and initially marked "American Beauty" (port) "Luscious Lila" (stbd). Registered N151MC 13.6.07 for John O'Connor/American Beauty 1944 Inc. Painted as "44-15459/HL-B" "American Beauty".


A68-100     CA-18 Mustang Mk.21, Toc RAAF 6.11.47 as A68-100, Soc 4.4.58 at Tocumwal, to AJR Oates, Sydney 23.4.58, to Fawcett Aviation, Bankstown, NSW, '60, VH-BOW reserved 25.8.61 but ntu. Modified for high altitude survey flights, f/f 8.12.61, completed 1.3.62, to Ed Fleming/Skyservice Aviation, Camden, NSW, '67, to l James Ausland, Seattle, WA, 20.11.67, shipped to Seattle and rebuilt, adopting ID 44-14577/N51AB. To L James Ausland/Sports Air, Seattle, WA, 7.71 as NL51AB. To Joe Arnold, Greenville, MS, 20.2.74, to Robby R Jones, Minter City, MO 25.8.75. To Norman Lewis/Lewis Aviation/Kentucky Aviation Museum, Louisville, KY, '90 and flown as "414777/J-RR" "Miss Escort". To Inpatient Dental Service, Ashland, OR, 3.2.99 and flown as "413500/HL-N" "Flying Dutchman". Registered N51AB 31.10.06 for Steve Craig/SJ Craig Farms LLC. Painted in 31 FG colours as "413500/HL-N" Flying Dutchman".


A68-175     CA-18 Mustang Mk.23, Adopted ID A68-175 2.00. Registered N64824 8.11.06 for Dan Vance/Julia L Vance. Painted as Maj Donald H Bochkay's "44-74389/B6-F" "Speedball Alice".



43-15935    C-47A-DL, (c/n 20401) d/d USAAF 29.5.44, to 7th AF Manila, to Silver City Airways 29.11.46 as VH-BHC, to G-ALFO 12.48, to N94539 12.50, to N300A 10.51, to N700E 10.61, to N20DH 6.70, to N3BA 7.72, to N890P 4.79, to N12RB 8.90, to Vintage Air Tours 7.93, to N33VW 6.98, to Cavanaugh Flight Museum 12.6.01 registered N33VW 19.2.03 for Cavanaugh Air Museum. Painted in fictitious marks 9th AF D-Day markings as "320401/C8-C" "Mr C/It's Tuesday".


41-7630     P-38F-LO, d/d USAAF, crashed on glacier in Greenland 15.7.42, located by Pat Epps/Greenland Expedition Society and recovered from a depth of 260 feet of ice '90-'92, registered N5757 12.1.94 for Roy Schoffner/Greenland Expedition Society, restored at Middlesboro, KY, f/f 26.10.02, registered N17630 13.3.07 for Lewis Aeronautical LLC. Flown as "17630" "Glacier Girl" '5757'.


43-11223    P-63C-BE, d/d USAAF, to Van Nuys for conversion to racer, abandoned after minor damage, derelict at Van Nuys '47-'73, surrendered for parking fees, stored, to Frank Borman, NM, '96, restored by Square 1 Aviation, registered N163FS 18.4.06 for 163FS LLC. Painted as P-63A "269021".



42-9733     P-40K-CU, d/d USAAF, damaged and abandoned on Amchitka Island in the Aleutians, recovered by Bob Sturges '69, to Joseph A Morasky, CT, '72, registered N4363, to George Enhorning/Wolcott Air Services, CT, '78, to Bob Byrne, MI, '86, to Alpine Fighter Collection, NZ, '88, registration ZK-FRE ntu, registered ZK-PXL for Tim Wallis/Alpine Fighter Collection, Wanaka, NZ, f/f after rebuild 18.4.92 as "NZ3108/18", crashed during forced landing 26.10.97, wreck to Dick Thurman, KY, '97, registered NX4436J to Dick Thurman/Vintage Warbirds Museum, restored in Auckland and Rotorua, NZ, f/f 7.4.00, shipped to USA 6.00, flown in USAAF colours as "33". Registered N4436J 25.6.07 for Spitfire USA Ltd.


AK899       P-40E-CU, t/o/s by RCAF 6.11.41 as 1051, s/o/s 23.8.46, disposed of from Patricia Bay, Vancouver, to Fred Dyson, WA, 23.10.47 and registered N1223N, to Tony Dire, WA, '48 and displayed on gas station roof, to Bruce Goessling/Unlimited Aircraft Inc 12.2.68, to ME Batchelor, CA, '70, to MARCO '73, registered N9837A '79, to John D Pearl at Chino 15.1.85, to Brian O'Farrel, FL, '87, to Richard W Hansen, IL, 25.5.87, trucked from storage in Florida to Janesville, WI, '87. Rebuilt at Janesville, WI and Rock County, IL, f/f 1.2.92,  registered N740RB 2.3.06 for Leestown Aviation Warhawk Inc. Painted as "11456" "Old Exterminator".


44-90438    P-47D-RE, d/d USAAF, to Yugoslav AF 2.52 as 13021, to Yugoslav Aeronautical Museum in Belgrade '84, to Warbirds of GB at Bitteswell '85, to John Whittington, TN, '86, rebuilt at Knoxville, TN, roaded to Rialto, CA, '96, registered N647D 16.7.96 for Aviation Management Resources, KY, f/f post rebuild 3.11.96 at Rialto. Painted as "490438/44" "Wicked Wabbit".


44-90460    P-47D-RE,  d/d USAAF, d/d Brazilian AF 30.10.53 as F-47 4175, Soc 17.3.58, stripped for spares, to Recife AB for display as "226450/A1" '70, to Museu Aerospacial at Campo dos Afoncos '87, to Airplane Sales International at Santa Monica, CA,  arriving at Chino 9.88. Stored at Santa Monica '90-'96. Registered N9246B 2.10.96 for Neal Melton, TN, restored at Rialto, CA, f/f post rebuild 3.8.99, painted as "490460/40" "Hun Hunter XVI".


20473             Harvard IV, (c/n CCF4-264) ex RCAF, rebuilt as Zero replica by 20th Century Fox for use in the film "Tora, Tora, Tora", reg'd N296W,   stored at Long Beach from '69, to Challenge Publications at Van Nuys 2.71, to William Childers, TX, '77, to EE Aviation Foundation, WI, '83, registered NX60DJ 27.9.95 for Douglas R Jackson, painted in Japanese markings as Zero "AI-101".


Ohio ANG F-16    B-25 "Pacific Prowler"    Ohio ANG C-130




78-0682     A-10C-FA, 'MD' (flag) 104 FS/175 Wg, Maryland ANG (on loan to Michigan ANG) ("Satan 01/02").


80-0265     A-10C-FA, 'BC' (-) 172 FS/110 FW, Michigan ANG ("Satan 01/02").

61-0035     B-52H-BW, 'MT' (r/yw) 23 BS/5 BW.

98-3541     T-6A,     'CB' (-) 37 FTS/14 FTW (Spcl mks "14 OG") ("Blaze 03").


ANG Flight Line;


82-0021     F-15C-MC, 'EG' (bl) 58 FS/33 FW ("Demo 01").

91-0348     F-16C-CF, 'SW' (mult) 77 FS/20 FW ("Viper 01/02").

94-0048     F-16C-CF, 'SW' (mult) 77 FS/20 FW ("Viper 01/02").

05-4085     F-22A-LM, 'FF' (-) 94 FS/1 FW ("Raptor 01/02").

05-4094     F-22A-LM, 'FF' (-) 94 FS/1 FW ("Raptor 01/02") (Spcl mks "94 FS").


Preserved in ANG Area;


73-0999     A-7D-CV, ex 'OH' (bl) 166 TFS/121 TFW, Ohio ANG.


51-1346     F-84F-RE, f/f 27.11.52, to Edwards AFB 31.10.53, to Moffett, CA, 1.3.54, returned to USAF 7.3.57.


55-2884     F-100D-NH, ex 'MA' 131 TFS/104 TFG, Massachussetts ANG, painted in Ohio ANG marks as "OH".


Preserved at Naval Air Reserve Facility;


72-0247     A-7D-CV, ex 'OH' (bl) 166 TFS/121 TFW, Ohio ANG. Painted in USN colours as "01".




43-48459    C-47B-DK, (c/n 25720) ex USAAF, to N47071, to N85FA Falcon Airways, registered N105CA 2.4.98 for Alta Leasing Inc.


51-7912     T-29B-CO, ex MASDC TB299 2.7.75-9.9.77, to Allied Aircraft Sales, Tucson 9.9.77, to N9016L 1.80 for Perkiomen Airways, to Providence Airlines 7.5.81, re-reg'd N156PA 8.81, to Joda Partnership 30.6.86, to N74SA for Jet Service Inc 9.86, to N156PA 26.9.91 for Cool Air Inc.


Snow Aviation;


55-0008     C-130A-LM, (c/n 3035) ex 758 TAS/911 TAG, AFRes. Registered N130SA 28.4.04 for Snow Aviation, "Powermaster".


4402              MiG-21US, (c/n 02685144) d/d CSL Modlin, Polish AF, 20.3.70. Registered N22FR 5.11.98 for Luke D Brader.


Flight Line East;


51971       SNJ-5 Texan, (c/n 88-15114) d/d USN, to Robert J Richardson, CA,  '63 as N3267G, to John E Ellison, NM, '66, to William F Toler, LA, '67, damaged in belly landing at Opelousas, LA, 24.6.67, to Thomas W Henley, AL, '73, to Alan Henley, AL, 13.7.84, registered N3267G 16.6.04 for Henley Air Ranch Ltd, Aeroshell "1".


51-14791    T-6G-NF, (c/n 182-478) d/d AdlA as 114791, for sale 11.2.76, to William S Martin, LA, 8.79 as N8044H, to Mark Henley '92, registered N791MH 10.5.02 for Henley Aviation Inc, Aeroshell "2".


44-82489          AT-6F-NT, (c/n 121-43211) to Madison Flying Club, LA, '63 as N7462C, to Merle B Gustafson '76, to Stephen Gustafson 24.2.83, registered N7462C 27.5.03 for 5GUS Inc, Aeroshell "3".


42-85794    AT-6D-NT, (c/n 88-17575) d/d USAAC, to Mexican AF as 781, to Texas Turbo Jet Inc 1.89 as N70543, to McNeely Charter Service 6.90 as N991GM, to Gene McNeely/T-6 Inc 18.9.90, registered N991GM 8.5.02 for McAviation Inc, Aeroshell "5".


52-8218     T-6G-NF, (c/n 197-022) d/d USAAF as AT-6D 42-81274, rebuilt as T-6G 52-8218, to Walter H Dillingham, HI, in '63 as N5632V, to John H Weiser '76, damaged in ground collision at Honolulu 13.1.77, to Conrad F Yelvington '86, to Neal T Schaefer '90, to Stephen M Hay '94, to Eliot G Cross '95, to Michael M Henningsen 9.12.98, registered N5632V 22.1.04 for Stallion 51 Corp, painted in ANG colours as "TH-218".


-                 PT-17-BW, (c/n 75-4462) painted in USAAC colours, registered N49739 22.1.75 for John Mohr, painted as "739".


ARNG Area;


79-23272    UH-60A-SI, 1-137th AVN, Ohio ARNG.

79-23298    UH-60A-SI, 1-137th AVN, Ohio ARNG.

79-23346    UH-60A-SI, 1-137th AVN, Ohio ARNG.

80-23444    UH-60A-SI, 1-137th AVN, Ohio ARNG.

80-23487    UH-60A-SI, 1-137th AVN, Ohio ARNG.

81-23547    UH-60A-SI, 1-137th AVN, Ohio ARNG.

82-23677    UH-60A-SI, 1-137th AVN, Ohio ARNG.

85-24391    UH-60A-SI, 1-137th AVN, Ohio ARNG.

88-26046    UH-60A-SI, 1-137th AVN, Ohio ARNG.

88-26078    UH-60A-SI, 1-137th AVN, Ohio ARNG.