Low Countries museum visits.


The major aviation museums in Holland (the KLu museum at Kamp Zeist, and Aviodrome at Lelystad) and Belgium (Royal Army museum in Brussels) are probably quite well known to readers and group members, and in themselves are very worthwhile locations to visit. Many of us had visited these places in recent years, so we were looking for some of the lesser known collections for a day out.


There is a large reserve collection for the Dutch Air Force museum stored just across the road from Kamp Zeist on the active airfield at Soesterberg. This collection is not normally accessible, and its future is still not completely agreed upon with the imminent closure of Sosterberg air base. However, the collection does open its doors to the public on occasion, and we decided to take advantage of one of these for a day trip across to the continent. We chose the Sunday as this was the only day that the Stampe Museum at Antwerp in Belgium opened, so this gave us a chance of visiting this often bypassed collection too.


We had a good take up for this trip, and 9 of us from the Suffolk Division set-off around 4am on the Sunday morning, heading for the Eurotunnel. It was a beautiful hot sunny April day and good progress enabled us to get into Holland (our fourth country that morning) before 10am local time, arriving at Kamp Zeist by 11:45.


We collected our tickets, and boarded the coach just in time before it departed for the short journey to Soesterberg air base. The main museum storage hangar is reached first, and we all disembarked for a wander through, with ample opportunity for photographs.


T-33 M-5    Hunter T7 N-305    Lockheed L12 T-2


218 SP-2H Neptune Forward fuselage only
I-189 7E-5 Meteor F8 Sectioned
J-230 F-16A Named "Mo Money", wings detached
M-5 T-33A
R-11 Auster AAC scheme, ex MZ236
N-122 Hunter F4
N-205 Hunter T7
R-87 Piper Cub
S-6 U-6A
E-22 Fokker S-11
(T-2) Lockheed L12A
Also a civilian Beech marked up as "G-10"



Back onto the coach, we then proceeded to the HAS site to check out further stored aircraft.


NF-5A K-3029    Meteor WH233    Catalina 16-212


(16-212) Catalina
I-19 Meteor T7 Sectioned, ex WH233
K-3029 NF-5B



A recently arrived ex-German Navy Atlantic is parked on a dispersal near the runway, and is being repainted to represent a former Dutch Navy example.


61+20 V Atlantic Being painted as MLD "250, c/n 55"



The final HAS we went into contained no fewer than SEVEN Lockheed F-104 Starfighters, what a sight!


HAS full of Starfighters!


D-5803 TF-104G
D-5806 TF-104G
D-5810 TF-104G
D-8061 F-104G
D-8244 F-104G
D-8318 F-104G
D-8338 F-104G Marked as "D-5805"



Back on the coach for the short journey back to the Museum at Kamp Zeist, and I can only have praise and thanks for the Air Force and Museum staff for their hospitality during the visit.


Kamp Zeist Museum collection (from http://www.eurodemobbed.org.uk)


Ex RAF Tiger Moth PG690    F-84 cockpit from P-230    Ex Soviet AF MiG-21



134 Sikorsky S-58 UH-34J V, ex MLD, USN
160 Tracker US-2N V, ex MLD, USN
201 Neptune SP-2H V, ex MLD
225 AB.204 B K, ex MLD
374 CM-170 Magister R F-GPHU, ex AdlA
42265 Super Sabre F-100D FW-871, '41871', ex AdlA, USAF
436/18 Fokker D.VII  266, N4729V, ex GAF
5307 Sabre F-86F FU-385, '25385', ex FAP, USAF
15858 Sea Fury FB50 Ex MLD
61052 Delta Dagger F-102A FC-032, '61032', ex HAF, USAF
65-1 Dornier Do.24 T3 X-24, N99225, ex EdA
74-0083 Eagle F-15A CR, '77-132', ex USAF
940MS13 MiG-21 PFM 47 red, ex CCCP
A-29 Alouette II H-4, ex BAF
A-465 Alouette III  Ex KLu
B-37 Bolkow Bo.105 CB Ex KLu
C-10 Fokker F-27  Ex KLu
D-8022 Starfighter F-104G Ex KLu
D-8245 Starfighter F-104G Ex KLu
FH131 Harvard IIB B-175
FT419 Harvard IIB B-103, K, '099'
H-20 Alouette III  Ex KLu
H-307 Mustang P-51K Ex KLu, USAF
J-215 Fighting Falcon F-16A Ex KLu
K-171 Thunderjet F-84G DU-24, ex KLu
K-4011 Freedom Fighter NF-5B Ex KLu
K-688 Dakota C-47A X-5, ex KLu, RDAF, RNAF, USAF
K-8 Thunderjet F-84E Parts only, ex KLu
KL-40 Northrop KD2R-5  Ex KLu
L-11 Fokker S-14  Ex KLu
M-464 Mitchell B-25J Ex KLu, USAF
MJ143 Spitfire LFIXC H-1
MM53-8305 Sabre F-86K Q-305, ex AMI, USAF
N-144 Hunter F4 Ex KLu
NF869 DH.89 Dominie  V-3, PH-OTA, 'Gelderland'
O-36 Hiller OH-23C Ex KLu
P-226 Thunderstreak F-84F Ex KLu
PG690 Tiger Moth  A-10
VZ409 Meteor F4 I-69
WM983 Sea Hawk FB5 D, '131'


Just before we departed the museum, we had been informed of a stored Bolkow Bo.105 and NF-5 in a nearby building. We duly found these, but were unable to identify them, in fact, the Bolkow had been halved vertically lengthwise, presumably being prepared for some sort of display, so was more like a Bo.52.



Next stop for the day was the light airfield at Seppe, which houses a small museum, again with limited opening hours.


Bf.109G under long-term restoration    Ex USArmy Cub    PT-13 primary trainer


15343 Bf.109G (being restored to taxiable condition)
44-80597 PH-GEN Piper Cub
N6866 G-AJHS Tiger Moth
TJ347 PH-NET Auster
R-213 OO-OAA Piper Cub
41-20805 N56028 PT-13



Our final plan for the day was the Stampe Museum, next to the terminal building at Antwerp airport.


Stampe V-18    Ex South African AF T-6 Texan 7727    Stampe V-52


21 G-AIYG Stampe
7727 N4109C T-6 Texan ex SAAF
V-4 OO-EIR Stampe
V-5 OO-PAX Stampe
V-18 OO-GWD Stampe
V-29 OO-GWB Stampe
V-43 OO-SVB Stampe c/n 1185
V-52 OO-BPL Stampe
Plus civvy Stampe marked as "V-66"



On the way back to Calais we went past Beervelde, where our 10th Starfighter of the day (ex Belgian Air Force FX-79) is displayed near the motorway.


Despite a brief detour via Oostende airport (African DC-8s etc) we had yet another excellent day trip out to Europe for us, roll on the next outing!