A French Excursion.


Ostensibly we were on a trip to Brittany to do some maintenance on fellow member, Simon Lowe's cottage. However, as with last year, time allowed for a little relaxation and some planes.

We flew from Stansted to Dinard on Saturday 4th. Arriving at dusk, there was enough light to confirm the presence of wrecks and relics at Dinard:

DHC-5D 5V-MAH ex Togo AF

DC-3 F-GIDK, ex 44-77020,12965 and KN655


Passing Dinan on the motorway, the presence of the preserved CM170 Magister 80 was confirmed.


On Monday 6th, having worked hard on the Sunday, we took a trip out to see the French Navy in action. First stop Landivisiau. What seems to be a typical visit here, of a few aircraft constantly circuiting, in total logging around 10-12 machines each time.

This day was to be no different. Etendard IVM 52 and F-8P 35 remain preserved behind the main gate. Based machines noted:

Falcon 10 MER of 57S 101 and 32

Rafale M of 12F 11 and 12

Super Etendards 37, 47, 49 and 61.


Moving on we went in search of what we thought would mainly be preserved machines at Lanveoc Poulmic. Previous experience here was not good. First we went for the preserved Etendard IVM 51. This is located in the dockyard and only visible across the water. However, we found the location at Pointe de Bindy, near Lagonna Daoulas and after a short walk with our poles we could clearly see the machine across the bay.

We then continued around the coast to the airfield. First we confirmed the presence of HSS-1 7, ex 58-1007 on the gate, and then had a good time watching and photographing a very active field. Weather was perfect for photos. More machines could have been identified by anyone bold enough to walk the fence by the hangars. We were happy though to have identified the following:

CAP10B 50S: 111, 212, 213, 215

MS.893 Rallye 50S: 62, 63, 64, 65, 71

Alouette II 22S: 13, 244, 245, 309, 347, 731

Lynx HAS2 (FN) 34F: 274

Super Frelon 32F: 165

AS532UL Cougar 1RHC: CYG (last reported as 2318)


After that it was back to the cottage for more work and preparations to return home.


Martin Barsley