Bavarian Air Force 2007


You can almost hear the roar and feel the heat as a Luftwaffe Phantom powers down the runway at Neuburg


Courtesy of the fine folk at RHAG, an invite around the Eurocopter facility at Donauworth in Bavaria was eagerly accepted by much of the Suffolk Divison of WAG. A check of the calendar showed that the German Flight Test establishment (WTD-61) at nearby Manching-Ingolstadt was holding its 50th anniversary open day, so a good basis for an extended trip around the Munich area was established.

A 5-man team from Suffolk were joined at Stansted airport early on Wednesday morning by a Midlands train driver so at least WAG's core membership was represented on the trip. We had planned a 4 day trip to allow us to get to as many places as possible, and decided upon flights in and out of Salzburg to make best use of the available time.


            En-route to Salzburg we overflew Ramstein in clear sunshine, noting 8 based C-130s, and 1 visiting C-130, as well as 8 C-5/C-17s on the main ramp. This was a planned military-only trip, so on landing at Salzburg we hurried those of a civil persuasion past the displayed ex USAF C-47 (42-93189) through to the rental car collection. A 7-seater vehicle gave the 6 of us adequate space, even though we had a reasonable amount of luggage as we were on a moderately extended stay.



Starfighter 23+57 at Neuburg Kaserne

            First target was Neuburg Kaserne to get the pole-mounted F-104G Starfighter (23+57) here, the co-located F-86 is still away at the main airfield getting refurbished. A quick stop in at the airfield to check out the visiting aircraft before heading onwards.


75-633 r/bk/y F-4E BDR
70+44 UH-1 LTG-62
38+28 F-4F JG-71
30+09 EF.2000 JG-73
30+20 EF.2000(T) JG-73

 Ex German Huey 73+69 in US Army colours outside Kaisheim

            Kaisheim was next, to get the displayed UH-1 (73+69) which is actually on the bypass around the town rather than the old road which goes through the centre of town. The Schwabisches Bauern & Technik Museum at Seifertshofen was our next stop, and this place has a rather eclectic and sometimes surreal collection of artefacts, memorabilia, and various bric-a-brac inside. However, mostly outdoors, a reasonably extensive, if rather neglected, selection of airframes can be found.


905 MiG-21 "1981" Ex Hungarian AF
(22+34) MiG-21 Ex German AF
(23+41) MiG-21 Ex German AF
(20+42) MiG-23 Ex German AF
28+13 TF-104G Inside Ex German AF
618 Nord 1300 Inside Ex French AF
143 H-43 Ex Dutch Navy
(83+18) H-21 Ex German Army
94+50 Mi-2 Ex German AF
(94+21) Mi-8 Ex German AF
52+05 An-26 Ex German AF
(57-0348) F-101 Ex USAF
53+43 Noratlas Ex German AF
(42185) F-100 Ex French AF
FU-160 F-84 Ex Belgian AF
SP-WUS Wilga

    Ex German AF Flogger 20+42 is stored in the yard    Starfighter 28+13 is kept inside one of the buildings    Ex Belgian F-84 FU-160 is displayed in the museum    


             Leaving here to head south we made good enough time to get to the German Army airfield at Laupheim just as the last three CH-53s of the day landed.


84+17 CH-53 MHTR-25
84+63 CH-53 MHTR-25
85+01 CH-53 MHTR-25
(75+21) Alouette II Main Gate
(D-EE)PN Do.27 Ex 56+87


G.91 32+56 at Neu-UlmG.91 98+57 at the EADS factory in Augsburg

            Neu-Ulm has a pole mounted G-91 (32+56) outside a restaurant, and this was then followed by the old base at Leipheim where an Alphajet (41+39) and G.91 (31+38) are still preserved inside the gate. Final scheduled stop of the day was the G.91T (98+57) displayed inside the back gate at EADS in Augsburg.


This was a good end to a long day, and we arrived shortly at our nearby hotel ready for a decent meal and a few drinks to unwind.


          Thursday dawned and everything was a little foggy. Last nights over indulgence was eased by the sumptuous ETAP breakfast and we drove south, heading for Landsberg. Unfortunatey as our fog cleared, the weather got worse and visibility was so poor by the time we got to Landsberg that it was impossible to even see the gate guard aircraft here from the gate! So, a quick re-jig and we headed to the light aircraft field at Jesenwang.


D-EFTX Stearman Ex USN 30038
D-EGVN Do.27 Ex Belgian D-09
D-EHHT Tiger Moth Ex DE482


          The fog cleared quickly so we headed back to Landsberg, just in time to see a Greek AF Hercules land as the sun broke through.


745 C-130 Greek AF
(78+37) Sycamore Preserved
(128) Noratlas Preserved, ex French AF
(71+10) UH-1 Main Gate
(AA+152) Magister Main Gate
70+71 UH-1
70+76 UH-1
70+83 UH-1
70+85 UH-1
71+34 UH-1
50+08 C.160
50+40 C.160
50+42 C.160
50+44 C.160
50+48 C.160 White scheme, with special marks
50+69 C.160
50+84 C.160
50+92 C.160
50+96 C.160
51+10 C.160


    We had decided to only spend a short time here as some of the party were keen to get to Lechfeld as they'd been inspired by the sights and sounds of the JbG-32 Tornadoes over Augsburg the previous evening, so we made our way there via the Lechfeld Schwabstadl Kaserne to catch the preserved F-104 (21+36) and F-84 (DD+367). At Lechfeld itself we struck lucky as we caught a few missions as they returned for lunch.


(43+86) Tornado Main Gate
43+71 Tornado Navy scheme JbG-32
44+55 Tornado Lizard scheme
46+26 Tornado JbG-32
46+28 Tornado JbG-32
46+51 Tornado JbG-32
46+56 Tornado


Getting rarer by the day, the phantastic Phantom!    Lunchtime generally means a bit of a lull, so we set off and used the time to make our way back up to the JG-74 Phantom base at Neuburg.


75-633 r/bk/y F-4E BDR
38+28 F-4F JG-71
38+00 F-4F JG-74 (still with JG-71 badge)
38+20 F-4F JG-74
38+31 F-4F JG-74
38+39 F-4F JG-74


Smoke on - GO! A pair of Luftwaffe F-4s on a typically smoky practice scramble


    With good weather still, we decided to head off and explore some further afield bases to get an idea of the layouts. The German Army base at Niederstetten was quiet, with just a single Bo.105 seen, however a large amount of construction work was taking place, with many new large buildings being built, so it looks like the base may be expecting NH.90s in the future. The US Army base at Illesheim had around half a dozen AH-64D Apaches parked up near the control tower, but they were too far away to read off. Finally, the US Army base at Ansbach looked deserted, perhaps they are deployed somewhere a bit warmer.


    So, that was us for day 2. A return to the hotel and a rendevous with the RHAG crew, and we made our way back to our favourite eaterie. I'm not sure they were really expecting such an influx of Brits, because after running out of steaks, they eventually ran out of Becks too! More beer back at the hotel resulted in some semi-naked drunken dancing by our "Northerner", the video evidence has been retained on file in case it is needed in the future!


    Friday, and with a couple of the party still a little "tired and emotional" from last night, the RHAG organised visit around the Eurocopter facility at Donauworth was the main agenda. We headed there via Augsburg airport, as we had been given a heads-up by Addo (thanks for that) that the Egyptian Government King Air (SU-ZAA) was under maintenance. The long term resident P.149 (91+91) was still in its usual place (AS ALWAYS!)


    Eurocopter have strict rules regarding visits, so I'll not report anything. Suffice to say that the facility is very impressive, very busy and a huge employer in the local area. After a good lunch there we also visited a nearby Eurocopter facility at Reidlingen where further helicopters are being prepared.


    After saying our goodbye's and thankyou's, we drove into Munich to visit the Deutsches Museum. This is located on an island in the river right in the city centre, and we parked easily enough in a multi-storey car park a couple of hundred yards away.


    98+32 is preserved in the Deutsches Museum    This ex Spanish AF example marked up as a Bf.109    Ex Swiss AF Storch    


100042 Fa.330 Ex German AF
120370 Me.163 Ex German AF
1258 Arado 66 Fuselage Ex German AF
20+90 F-104G Nose Ex German AF
21+53 F-104G Ex German AF
363 Ju.52 Ex French AF
44-80326 Piper Cub D-EOMA Ex US Army
478374 Fi.103 Ex German AF
500071 Me.262 Ex German AF
53-4458 UH-19B O-34458 Ex USAF
56+66 Do.27B-1 Ex German AF
77 Nord N.1002 D-IBWF Ex French AF
98+32 Bo.105 D-HAPE Ex German Army
A-96 Storch Ex Swiss AF
AS+058 Bell 47G Ex German AF
C.4E-106 Bf.109E "2804" Ex Spanish AF
E.3B-555 Jungmann Ex Spanish AF
Unmarked Rumpler C.IV Ex German AF
D-9518 VJ-101C


Ex 96+33 still in use at Furstenfeldbruck    Feeling fairly satisfied with our day we headed back towards our hotel in Augsburg, but en-route decided to try our luck at Furstenfeldbruck. This former Luftwaffe Alphajet base is now a civil airport and flying club, but has plenty of ex military aircraft still located here.


34+02 G.91T Blue/white scheme Ex German AF
D-EFBR Super Cub 44 Ex 96+33
D-ENLM Super Cub Ex 51-15592
D-EDMA Do.27 Ex 56+88
D-EOGE P.149 Ex 91+04




    So, back to Augsburg again for our final night, and we decided to go out in style. Our restaurant had obviously re-stocked, because we had no problems tonight. After the meal we decided on a few rounds of Schnapps, Tequilas, and Whisky, and our hosts even threw in some complimentary drinks themselves, very decent indeed. Back at the hotel, a few more beers, then the usual fight with a pot plant by one of the more aggressive team members before bed.


    Saturday morning, and boy did last nights antics result in a very sorry state of affairs! Black eyes, cuts and headaches were abundant, so needless to say the WAG wagon was a bit sombre and quiet en route to the airshow at Manching, and it took some time before the spirits of certain lightweight individuals started to recover (no names, no pack-drill, detachment rules etc!)


    Specially marked F-4F 37+16    This ex German Su-22 Fitter is stored in a HAS    F-104G 20+49 is preserved in another special scheme    


D-EKIE Do.27 Ex 55+42
D-EMNQ Do.27 Ex 56+30
D-ESBH Bf.108 ES+BH Ex AW167
D-FDME Bf.109G 2 black, "151591" Ex C.4K-40
D-FWAC T-6 "AA+707" Ex USN 91036
D-FWWC FW.190 replica
D-HAXT SA.330J BundPol.
D-HBYH EC.135 Polizie
D-IFCC Magister 12 Ex 93+02
D-1636 Me.163 replica PK+QL Private
(LX-N90447) E-3 NATO
LX-N90452 E-3 NATO
ZJ765 Meteor Mirach c/n AG229
4259 Banshee
501244 Me.262 replica
10+25 A.330 FBS
20+49 F-104G Coded 10, yellow scheme Preserved
31+42 G.91 Preserved
37+16 F-4F Special anniv. scheme WTD-61
38+13 F-4F "Flight Test" WTD-61
38+40 F-4F JG-71/WTD-61
(40+01) Alphajet Coded 13, c/n 001 Preserved
45+03 Tornado Special anniv. scheme WTD-61
46+30 Tornado JbG-32
50+49 C.160 LTG-61
56+80 Do.27 Private
70+53 UH-1
70+77 UH-1 On SAR standby LTG-61
71+62 UH-1 White scheme WTD-61
(72+24) UH-1 Stored in a HAS German AF
82+57 EC.135 HFWS
83+21 Lynx MFG-3
(84+02) CH-53G WTD-61
84+55 CH-53G WTD-61
(86+17) Bo.105 WTD-61
86+29 Bo.105 German Army
87+84 Bo.105 German Army
90+75 P.149 Private
96+26 Cub Private
(98+02) Tornado Coded 13, c/n 0013 Preserved
(98+03) Tornado ECR (15) Preserved
(98+04) F-104G Blue/white scheme Preserved
(98+10) Tiger WTD-61
98+12 Tiger c/n 1002 WTD-61
(98+15) Su-22 Coded 1, stored in a HAS German AF
(98+17) Su-22 Coded 14 German AF
98+30 EF.2000 WTD-61
98+60 Tornado c/n 4089 WTD-61
98+77 Tornado c/n 4229 WTD-61
98+98 UH-1 WTD-61
98+93 NH.90 German AF
99+52 EMT Luna c/n 139 EADS
99+91 F-4F 72-1201 WTD-61


    99+91 on static display at Manching    Meteor Mirach ZJ765    Luftwaffe NH.90 98+93    


    Following a liquid lunch (well, it is nearly Oktoberfest) at the airshow, we departed towards our third museum of the trip. The Flugwerft Schleissheim at Oberschleissheim has fairly substantial collection, as well as an adjoining airfield which had an ex Russian AF Yak-52 RA3340K (c/n 833701, ex 555 black) (as well as loads more tin!).


KE+105 F-86 Ex German AF
164585 X-31 031 Ex USN/NASA
1G59-29 An-2 03 red Ex Russian AF
701 MiG-23 Ex German AF
687 MiG-21 Ex German AF
29+03 F-104F Ex German AF
D-ECYV Bu.181 Wrk Nr 331381 Ex German AF
34+01 G.91 Nose section Ex German AF
35086 Draken 48 Ex Swedish AF
4404/18 Fokker D.VII Ex German AF
51-100 Helwan HA.300 Ex Egyptian AF
(57+31) Do.27 Nose section Ex German AF
D-ECUX Fw.44 Ex Swedish AF 639
67-260 F-4E SP r/bk/y Ex USAF
D-HATU UH-1 Ex 70+36
75+84 Alouette II Ex German Army
80+73 SH-34G Ex German Navy
94+47 T-33 Ex German AF
(B.2I-77) CASA 2-111 Ex Spanish AF
D-1256 Marut Ex Indian AF
D-9531 Do.31
D-9563 VAK-191
(HD.5-3) Do.24 Ex Spanish AF
14+01 C-47 Ex German AF
D-EBCQ Brunswick Z15 Ex VX190
XK824 Grasshopper
98+29 EF.2000 Ex German AF
D-EAWD Storch EA+WD NOT ex-military


    Former NASA X-31 thrust vectoring demonstrator    98+29 is the first prototype Eurofighter    F-4E 67-0260 in 52nd TFW markings    


   The MTU aero engine facility at nearby Munich-Karlsfeld has Tornado 43+86 preserved at the gate, and our final port of call on the way back to Salzburg was to see the ex German AF MiG-21 463 at Guttenburg.


   Salzburg Airport then afforded some time for the civvy spotters to get a quick fix before our late night flight back to Stansted, although the sharp eyed ones managed to read off the ex-USAF Stearman (42-16869) OE-AMM inside the Red Bull Museum.


    Thanks go to Addo and the rest of the RHAG crew for the invite and company, as well as the rest of our party for the entertainment value provided.


    Hopefully a similar trip can be arranged for next year, I'll be first on the list.