Aggressor Schemes for a welcome bit of colour

A trip through the South West USA in March 2018 allowed us to photograph a wide variety of different Aggressor colour schemes, as worn on a number of different adversary types. A bit different from the usual boring grey schemes seen on the majority of military aircraft today.

This preserved former USN F-16 at Palm Springs Museum, CA, wears a splinter scheme.

Also at Palm Springs, an A-4 Skyhawk in blue and grey camouflage.

This former Bulgarian Mi-24 Hind, seen at Kingman, AZ, still operates in the adversary role in support of US exercises.

Draken International operate a number of former Czech L-159s.

Another L-159 seen at Nellis, NV, in a different scheme.

A Nellis based F-16 in one of the various schemes worn.

This Nellis F-16 is in one of the more recent colour schemes.

The home based adversaries at NAS Fallon wear a multitude of different colour schemes.

This F-5 is seen in a gaudy lemon, green and brown scheme.

Another unusual F-5 scheme of stripey greys.

This is the Top Gun 'Mig-28' all-black scheme.

Even the H-60s are not immune.

Top Gun F-16 in the blue camo scheme.

Top Gun F-16 in the desert camo scheme.

F-5 landing at Fallon in the 'cloud' scheme.

A visiting F-18 at Fallon in a grey camo scheme.

Blue camo Hornet on the flightline at Fallon.

Fallon air park grey camo F-16.

Old F-5 in the air park at Fallon.

Preserved A-4 at Fallon in the desert scheme.

Hope that selection of colour made a bit of a change to the usual boring grey schemes seen on the majority of combat aircraft today.