To close a highly successful spotting season, the lads thought they would take advantage of a "Ryanair cheapie" to spend a weekend in Norway chasing Wrecks and Relics. The collection at Gardermoen was an obvious objective, but there was plenty more to have a go at, for although Norway is a vast country, the population (both people and aircraft) is concentrated in the South.


Immediately after landing at Torp we met our guide, Tom, for a tour around Dakota Norway, operators of a former Finnish AF C-53D and their sister organisation Dakota Norway Fighter Divison who have a fine collection of classic jet fighters. These comprise an ex Danish F-84G Thunderjet, an RF-84F Thunderflash (with rear half donated from a Danish example), a CF-104 Starfighter and an ex Danish F-86D Sabre. In fact, until early October they had no less than three examples,  two (F-977, F-984) having left for the museum at Ugglarp, Sweden, about 3 weeks before our visit. A good reason to go to Ugglarp again! In fact the wings were still present awaiting the next lorry. All three Sabres were imported to Norway in 1992 for use as BDR airframes at Kjevik, the RNorAF technical training school.


The afternoon was spent visiting some small civil fields with ex military residents. This involved a drive up into the higher ground – and a snowstorm. I had thought that at the end of October we would be OK as regards the weather, however the forecast for the weekend was dire, though in the event the impending apocalypse was delayed a day or two and caused us no major problems. That said, it was a good job we didn't have to go any further into the high ground before retracing our steps to Oslo. Apart from the light fields, we also pulled in the Volvo Aero factory at Kongsberg which is guarded by another CF-104 Starfighter.


Unusually for one of my trips, we ran out of aeroplanes before we ran out of daylight, though some considerable time was then spent looking for an affordable hotel. Norway is not a cheap country! No beers on this trip (£6-£8 a pint), £4 a hot dog, £10 a burger, £3 a coke. We took full advantage of the breakfast buffet the following morning to set us up for the rest of the day.


Sunday morning we had arranged to visit Kjeller. Our guides at Kjeller Flyhistorisk Forening delighted in telling us that theirs is the oldest military airfield in Europe. The field now has an RNorAF depot on one side which overhauls Sea Kings and F-16s, and has a Starfighter on the gate. The other end has the light civil, including some superb warbirds. I had not realised that Tiger Moths were licence built in Norway, even less was I aware that the Norwegians armed some Tiger Moths with machine guns, firing through the propeller arc. 189 is a Norwegian built Tiger Moth and flew again on 30.8.06 after more than 8 ½ years under restoration. ATC at Kjeller is conducted in English, but communication with the tower and 189 is all in Norwegian. Although registered LN-KFT, the controllers insist that 189 uses the call-sign  "189". The Norwegians are justifiably proud of their aviation heritage! From the same De Havilland stable was ex Swiss Vampire J-1146, now LN-JET. She last flew during Summer 2005 and now needs major work on the hydraulics, the economics of which dictate that her flying days are over. KFF are also restoring a Maurice Farman Shorthorn that belonged at one time to the explorer Roald Amundsen. Still not quite sure if this machine has a military pedigree.


After a leisurely and productive morning being well looked after by KFF, we went up the road to check out the RNorAF collection at Gardermoen. Although a museum to you and me, Gardermoen cannot be called an RNorAF Museum as THE RNorAF Museum is in the far, far, distant North at Bodo. A nightmare tale of politics and bureaucracy which would make an article in itself…... However, whatever its official status the museum/collection at Gardermoen has a fine collection of former Norwegian military aircraft and World War 2 relics recovered from remote lakes and mountains. A second Ju.88 from the restoration workshop has recently left for the DTM at Berlin. A further bit of DH education is the fact that the ex Swedish Vampire T.55 was built as a single seater and was one of a number of Swedish Vampires rebuilt as trainers. I wouldn't have thought it was worth the bother – why not just buy new or second hand trainers? Obviously the Swedes thought otherwise.


Final stop of the day was the military museum (Forsvarsmuseet) at Akershus in Oslo city centre. This has a Tiger Moth, a Cornell, and a sizeable chunk of Norwegian military history. Some of the captions are superb! A canon "Bearing the monogamous of King Christian" and the 18th century cart for transporting the dead and wounded which "Took eight years of testing". We also couldn't help noticing that the area around the museum seems to be the Oslo red light area, surprisingly active for an icy cold Sunday afternoon and unusual to see the world’s oldest profession being plied in 'cold weather gear'.


Last stop was a second attempt (having failed yesterday) to find a Safir at Tonsberg/Jarlsberg. We succeeded in finding the airfield this time, but finding the way in proved a time consuming challenge which meant that when we finally got to the relevant hangar, darkness had fallen and the locals had all gone home. One for our next visit to the fjords. So back to Torp and a long wait for the late evening flight back to Stansted. Roll on next season.


With thanks to the crew - Eric, Ian & Richard


Below is an extract from my log (‘new’ only, so a few are missing):-




Flew from Stansted to Torp on Ryanair's Boeing 737-8AS EI-DAW (c/n 33556) "FR034" taking off from runway 23 at 06:30L and landing on runway 36 at Torp at 07:59 (08:59L).


ENTO TORP 28.10.06:


Visit to Dakota Norway




DO-9        C-53D-DO, (c/n 11750, 42-68823) d/d USAAF 28.6.43, to Daggett Modification Center, CA, 30.6.43, to Luke AAF, AZ, to Palm Springs AAF, CA, to Baer AAF, IN, to Grenada AAF, MS, to Brookley AAF, AL, to Alliance AAF, NE, departed USA 26.9.43 and to 8th AF in UK 8.10.43, damaged 22.12.44, to store at Oberpfaffenhofen 1.1.48 for Office of Foreign Liquidation Commissioner, allocated to Finland 2.6.48 and d/d Helsinki 14.6.48, registered OH-LCG 17.7.48 for Finnair/Aero OY, ground looped at Pori 18.6.49, repair completed 28.9.49, to Maanmittaushallitus (National Survey Board) 15.4.69 for modifications, completed 12.6.69, registration cancelled 18.6.69, to Finnish AF as DO-9 same day, stored at Utti, alloc G-BLYA 19.4.85, to N59NA 30.5.85, to LN-WND 16.6.86 for Warbirds of Norway. Painted in "Senior Air" colours as "Vera Lyn".


A-803             F-84G-RE, (51-9803) f/f 26.2.52, to Karup 13.8.52, d/d RDanAF 25.9.52 as FS-803, to 'KP-N' Esk.730, to A-803 Esk.730, Wfu 5.7.61 and used for tests, TT 1943 hrs, to Skrydstrup, allocated to Flyvevabnets Historiske Samling, to Dakota Norway 6.10.01.


28723             RF-84F-RE, (52-8723) ex '33-NQ' ER.2/33, AdlA, to RNorAF 20.10.63, to 'AZ-X' 717 Skv, Soc 29.5.70, dumped at Torp, to RNorAF museum collection, to Dakota Norway Fighter Division. Fitted with tail from ex RDanAF C-649/53-7649.


889               CF-104 Starfighter, Sos by CAF and sold to RNorAF 23.5.73, d/d 22.5.74 and Toc same day, to 334 Skv same day, to Sola store 25.11.82 (TT 3215.3 hrs), to Oslo-Fornebu by C-130 26.3.85 for instructional use with Sogn Videregaende Skole, to Kjeller, to Dakota Norway Fighter Division.


323         SAAB 91B-2 Safir, (c/n 91-323) d/d RNorAF at Kjeller, to Flygskole as 'AV-D', to Tambartun Blindeskole at Trondheim.




F-500             F-86D-NA, (51-8500) d/d RDanAF 28.5.60, to Esk.728, Wfu 31.5.66, to decoy at Karup, to Luftforsvarets Tekniske Skolesenter 17.9.92 at Kjevik, Norway, to Dakota Norway Fighter Division 2.04.


SANDEFJORD 28.10.06:


05          Alouette III, (c/n 12) ex Romanian AF and Ianca store, under restoration.


16          Alouette III, (c/n 30) ex Romanian AF, stored at Tuzla, to Ianca store, under restoration.


02038       Alouette II (Hkp 2), (c/n 1268) d/d Swedish Navy as 108 'M1-108', to 02108 'M1-108, to 02038 'M1-38', re-coded 'M2-38', to SE-HRA 27.6.94-22.12.95, registration cancelled 31.8.02, to LN-OCK 17.6.03 for European Helicopter Center AS, arrived at Sandefjord by road 22.6.03.




832         L-18C Super Cub, (c/n 18-3232, 53-4832) d/d RNorAF 5.5.55, assembled at Kjeller becoming 'F-AF', to LN-ACF 6.9.92 for Norsk Aero Klubb/Drammen Flyklubb.


KONGSBERG 28.10.06:


882               CF-104 Starfighter, Sos by CAF and sold to RNorAF 23.5.73, d/d 17.12.74 and Toc same day (TT 1831:35 hrs), to Sola 22.12.82, TT 2995.2 hrs, to Gardermoen museum 2.7.85, to Norsk Vapenteknologi at Kongsberg, preserved outside the Volvo Aero Norge AS factory since 11.00.


ENKJ KJELLER 29.10.06:




766               CF-104 Starfighter, Sos by CAF and sold to RNorAF 23.5.73, d/d 17.8.73 and Toc same day (TT 1230 hrs), to Sola store 22.11.82, TT 2806.5 hrs, airfreighted to Kjeller by C-130 26.3.85. Pole-mounted at the Luftforsvarets Hovedverksted Kjeller gate as "F-104".




442268      Harvard T.2B, (c/n 14A-2268) d/d RAF as KF568, to 6 SFTS 3.46-5.47, to 6 FTS 5.47-1.48, to 1 Sqn 1.48-8.48, to ITF Tangmere 8.48-5.49, to BelgAF H-58 9.49, to OO-AAR 1.10.58 for H de Paepe, cancelled 11.9.59, to D-FIBU 12.59 for RM Overseas Motorsales GmbH, to Bundesrepublik Deutschland, to PortAF 1794 '65, to AB.4, to BA.7, to LN-TEX 3.8.79 for J Murer & Partners, to Ingvild Marie Thoresen.




848         L-18C Super Cub, (c/n 18-3238, 53-4848) d/d RNorAF 5.5.55, assembled at Kjeller becoming 'F-AN', to LN-ACL 6.9.92 for Norske Aero Klubb/Nedre Romerike Flyklubb.


Helikopter Drift Hangar;


588         UH-1B-BF, (c/n 810, ex 63-8588) ex US Army, to MASDC XA048 21.9.73-13.4.76, d/d RNorAF 13.4.76, to 339 Skv, to LTS at Kjevik 29.9.88.




24568       L-19E Bird Dog, accepted 8.7.57, ex 'AMN' ALAT, to F-GECB, to LN-WNO for Army Aviation Norway, painted in spurious RNorAF marks as "568".




T7794       DH82A Tiger Moth, (c/n 84167) to G-ASPV, to LN-MAX, painted in RNorAF colours as "127" for film purposes. Constructed from the original frame of T7794/G-ASPV and registered in error as c/n 85738 (ex DE840).


DE248       DH8A2 Tiger Moth, (c/n 85294) to G-ANSC (CofA expired 8.9.55), to LN-BDM 28.9.54 for Drammen Flyklubb, to Oslo Fluklubb 23.3.59, to Ole B Hemstad at Kjeller.




7341        SAAB 91B-2 Safir, (c/n 91341) 'U-AV' ex RNorAF, to LN-LFK for Nedre Romerike Flyklubb.


KFF Hangar;


J-1146      Vampire FB.6, (Pilatus c/n 107, F&W c/n 655 dated 22.3.52) d/d Swiss AF 26.3.52, Wfu 1.1.91, auctioned at Dubendorf 23.1.91, TT 1670 hrs, to Oyvind Ellingsen/Warbirds of Norway as LN-JET, flown to Gardermoen 3.7.91, flown again 14.5.93 as LN-17, painted in 337 Sqn RNorAF colours as FB.52 "ZK-P".


42-33752    PT-19A Cornell, (c/n T42-3418) d/d US Army, to Uruguay AF as CX-BCU, to G-BVCV 2.8.93, cancelled 3.2.99. On rebuild in workshop.


-           Maurice Farman FF2 Shorthorn,


189         DH82 Tiger Moth, (c/n 185) completed at Kjeller Aircraft Factory 15.3.35, d/d RNorAF at Kjeller Flying School 15.4.35, flown to Sweden 15.4.40, to Froson, to Vannes, to SE-ALP 17.9.42 for Svensk Flygjanst AB, to Flygtrafik AB 30.7.46, to K Elling, B Ohlin & CG Sandzen 15.9.49, to Stockholms Segelflygklubb 2.11.53, sold to B Andersson '54, to Aero Voice 18.4.55, CofA expired 1.10.55, to B&H Andersson 18.10.55, registration cancelled 17.2.61, stored in a barn at Sodertalje, Sweden. To Kjeller 2.12.97 for restoration by Kjeller Flyhistorisk Forening, rolled out 2.12.05, CofA issued 22.8.06, f/f as LN-KFT 30.8.06.






966               UH-1B-BF, (c/n 1090, ex 64-13966) d/d US Army, d/d RNorAF at Kjeller 13.10.66, to 720 Skv 22.3.67 as 'JT-B', re-serialled 966 '72, flown to museum 9.10.91, TT 7446 hrs.


P42408      Vampire F.3, (c/n EEP42408) d/d RNorAF at Gardermoen 2.5.48, to  Vampire Flt as 'B-AE', to 336 Sqn 7.49, re-coded 'PX-E' 1.51, landing accident at Gardermoen 13.2.51, repairs at Kjeller completed 5.9.52, to Jet Training Flt at Sola 3.53, to 337 Skv at Vaernes, to 337 Skv Det Bardufoss as 'SI-D', to Kjeller for overhaul 15.5.54, completed 5.55, to store at Vaernes, Soc 14.2.57, TT 641.50 hrs, restored at Rygge '79. Restored as 'B-AE'.


28456             Vampire T.55, built as a J 28B, d/d RSwedAF, converted to Sk 28C-3, as 28456, to '93' F 5, to Gardermoen '68. Painted in RNorAF 337 Skv colours as 'ZK-7'.


93797             C-47A-DK, (c/n 13749, 42-93797) d/d USAAF 27.6.44, to 9th AF 7.44, to Furstenfeldbruck, to Erding 12.49, to RNorAF at Gardermoen 6.7.50, to Kjeller, to 335 Skv 8.50 as 'T-AO', re-coded 'BW-A' 1.51, re-coded 'BW-L', Soc 31.5.74 and stored for museum.


1526              He.111P-1, d/d Luftwaffe 1938, to II/KG.253 as '33+C25', re-designated KG.4 5.39 becoming '5J+CN', transferred from Fassberg to Fornebu 23.4.40. Shot down near Digervarden (S of Lesjaskog) 26.4.40 when shot down by a Skua of 801 Sqn following an armed recce and bombing mission to Andalsnes. Recovered in '76 and restored at Gardermoen.


6657              Ju.52/3m-94e, ex 'CA+JY' KGzbv.102, Luftwaffe. Landed on frozen Lake Hartvigvann 13.4.40 and sank in the thaw. Salvaged 6.83 and restored at Gardermoen.


088133      Ju.88C-2, d/d Luftwaffe 12.39, armament mods, accepted 20.3.40, to Zerstorerstaffel/KG.30 as '4D+FH'. Crashed on Nonsfjellet mountain, near Namdalen, 20.5.40 on a flight from Vaernes. Recovered in 9.90 and displayed unrestored.


42-55983    C-60A Lodestar, (c/n 18-2444) d/d USAAF 1.5.43, sold to HH Higgins 14.6.46 as NC69898, to N105G, to N9223R, to N283M, to OH-MAP 19.5.76, to OH-SIR for Sir-Air, to G-BMEW 30.9.85 for Aces High, to N283M 15.7.86 for Consolidated Aero Industries, cancelled 14.11.86 following sale to Tacair Systems of Canada 31.7.86. Exchanged for an F-5A and flown into Gardermoen 15.9.86, TT 11,344. Painted in BOAC camouflage colours as "G-AGIH".


25                Maurice Farman F.46-80R, tested in France 8.9.20, to Kjeller 2.11.20, to Flying School 20.1.21, TT 6:13, stored from 9.25, Soc 30.11.28, stored at Kjeller, to museum.


469               TF-104G Starfighter, (c/n 5779, 63-8469) d/d WGAF as 2771, to 4510 CCTW, to store 26.7.72, sold to Norway 29.8.74, from Luke AFB to RNorAF 8.6.75, to 331 Skv same day, to 334 Skv 9.7.81, allocated to museum 9.7.82, flown to Gardermoen 13.7.82, TT 2744.4 hrs.


25069             F-86F-NA, (52-5069) d/d RNorAF at Horten 3.1.61, to Torp for preparation, to 332 Skv 23.3.61 as 'AH-D', used by 'Flying Jokers' aerobatic team, to Gardermoen store 14.8.62, to Vaernes store 11.62, to LTS at Kjevik for goround instruction, re-classified as an instructional airframe 9.9.63, to Rygge for restoration, then to Gardermoen.


41274             F-86K-NA, (54-1274) shipped via Belfast, d/d RNorAF at Gardermoen 5.10.57 as '2X-H' (mispainted) for 337 Skv, code corrected to 'ZK-H', to 334 Skv 8.60 as 'RI-G', later 'RI-T', to store at Gardermoen 12.7.67, TT 2070 hrs. Soc 17.1.68 to ground instruction at Oslo Yrkesskole.


41290       F-86K-NA, (54-1290) shipped via Belfast, d/d RNorAF 14.3.56 incorrectly coded '2X-Z', to 337 Skv same day, code corrected to 'ZK-Z', later 'ZK-O', to 332 Sqn as 'AH-O' 1.9.63, to 334 Skv at Bodo 19.5.64 as 'RI-2', to 'RI-D' 23.6.54, Wfu 14.7.67, TT 2132 hrs, Soc 17.1.68 and displayed on the gate at Gardermoen base until to museum. Restored as 'ZK-Z'.


2491              Norseman IV, (c/n 64) d/d RCAF 6.41 as 2491, to RNorAF at Horten 3.6.51 (with 1521 hrs), to 'R-AV' with Bardufoss Comms Flt, to store at Vaernes, sold to Fjellfly at Skien 8.57, registered LN-BDP 4.1.58, to Turistflyg AB in Sweden '73 as SE-FUP, to Wiggo Norvang 7.77 as LN-BDP, obtained by the museum in '82 in exchange for a Safir and restored by the Technical Sqn at Gardermoen as 2491/R-AV.


105               RF-5A-NO, (c/n RFG1006, ex 68-9105) accepted 3.7.69, d/d RNorAF 16.8.69, to 717 Skv as 'AZ-M', re-serialled 105 9.72, to 336 Skv on 717 Skv's disbandment 15.8.79, Wfu 16.11.82 and stored at Sola, to LTS at Kjevik 19.8.85 for ground instruction, to Gardermoen '99.


320               Northrop N-3PB, (c/n 320) accepted 25.3.41, to 330 (Norwegian) Sqn, RAF, to Reykjavik coded F.20 from 6.41, re-coded 'GS-U' 7.41, transferred to 'C' Flt at Budareyri, Wfu 3.43 and whilst being flown into storage on 21.4.43 crashed into the river Thjorsa. Recovered in '79 and airlifted to Northrops 11.79 for rebuild. Handed back to Norway 11.79, displayed in Iceland and then to Gardermoen in RAF markings as 'U'.


117053      RF-84F-RE, (51-17053) d/d RNorAF at Sola 26.5.56, to 717 Recce Flt as 'T3-G', re-designated 717 Skv 6.56, re-coded 'AZ-G' '62, Wfu 11.69, Soc 29.5.70, to museum store at Vaernes.


111209      F-84G-RE, (51-11209) d/d RNorAF by air to Sola 29.6.54, to 331 Skv as 'FN-2', later 'FN'G', overhauled from 3.4.57, to 338 Skv 5.3.58 as 'MU-5', flown to Vaernes 28.4.60 for storage, Soc 7.60 and stored for preservation.


131               RAF BE.2e, (A1380) Built by William Denny, to Kjeller 5.9.17, allocated Army serial number 59, but became 131 9.18. Tested by Captain Vetlesen 22.1.19, assigned to South Norwegian Aviation Unit 18.3.19, Soc 8.11.24, TT 110:59 hrs. Restored for Gardermoen museum in '77.


-                 Rumpler Taube, arrived at Horten 28.5.12, named "Start", made the first ever military flight in Norway 1.6.12 from Horten to Fredrikstad (Lt Dons), crashed 26.8.15, repaired, flown 1.6.22 to celebrate 10th anniversary.


4279              UH-19D-SI, (56-4279) d/d RNorAF, assembled at Horten, to 7190 Support Flt at Rygge 7.5.58 as 'HA-B', to 7191 Support Flt at Sola 3.6.58, crashed 30.6.58 whilst on a supply flight to the tourist cabin at Forreheiene (tail boom sliced by rotor on heavy landing), repaired at Horten and returned to Sola 1.61, to 7193 Support Flt at Bodo 11.64, to LTS Kjevik 1.67 for ground instruction, TT 3200 hrs, to Norsk Flyhistorisk Samling, to Gardermoen museum.


PL979             Spitfire PR.XI, (c/n 6S/583719) d/d 9 MU 17.10.44, to 1 PRU at Benson 1.45, to 4 Sqn 18.1.45, to 2 Sqn 6.9.45, to 6 MU Brize Norton for storage, to Vickers-Armstrongs, to RNorAF and flown to Kjeller 31.7.47 becoming 'A-ZB' with 331 Skv, to 1 PR Flt 9.8.49, t/o accident 4.8.51, repaired and returned to service, flown by 2nd Lt Amund Klepp on last RNorAF Spitfire flight 25.3.54, sold to Mr Klepp for 1 NKr, to Gardermoen.




642               Bell 47D-1, (c/n 642) d/d RNorAF at Sola 13.4.53, to 'KK-R', crashed on air test from Sola 14.11.53, to Horten for repair, to Orland 22.5.54, crashed 28.4.56 on a flight to Breiskarfjell, to Horten for repair, to Rygge 20.6.56, crashed at Enebakk 27.1.59 whilst with 7192 Support Flt at Orland, to Horten for repair, completed 20.5.59, to Sola 25.5.59, to Bodo 7.11.60, to Sola 21.5.61, re-coded 'BE-D' '61, to 720 Skv 1.1.67 and re-coded 'JT-M', Soc 13.2.68, to A/S Flytransport, accepted 19.2.68, to LN-ORM 5.4.68, crashed on Lake Mjosa 3.70, sold to Trans Polar A/S, to Helilift AS 11.71, to Gardermoen 3.5.72, to Rygge, restored as 'BE-D'.


4953              O-1G Bird Dog, (c/n 21845, 51-4953) d/d US Army, to RNorAF at Kjeller 31.5.68, to 'CE-W' at Gardermoen 23.8.68, re-serialled 4953 9.72, to Torp 12.75, to Gardermoen museum 8.4.92.


103               PT-19 Cornell, (c/n T40-208, ex 42-76477) d/d RNorAF 8.40, shipped to Norway '45, to 'L-AB' 8.46, to Kjeller store, to Flying School at Gardermoen, to Rygge, to Horten 9.50-6.51 for overhaul, to Vaernes 3.52, Wfu 10.56, allocated for preservation 30.4.57, TT 2958 hrs. Restored to original configuration '82.


505               Interstate S-1A, (c/n 203/1041) registered NC37360 '41, donated to RNorAF at 'Little Norway' in Toronto, Canada 3.42, shipped to Norway '45, transferred to Norsk Aero Klubb 26.7.46 as LN-DAV, crashed 15.3.54 when flying from frozen river Lagen at Faber. Subsequently stored, registration cancelled 13.3.54, donated to Norsk Flyhistorisk Forening and restored at Tonsberg/Jarlsberg for Gardermoen museum.


845               L-18C Super Cub, (c/n 18-3245, 53-4845) d/d RNorAF 5.5.55, assembled at Kjeller, to Vaernes 21.6.56 as 'F-AI', detached to Bardufoss 4.58-8.59, crashed on landing at Vaernes 8.12.65, to Kjeller for repair, completed 2.67 and returned to service, to Gardermoen 22.2.68, to Vaernes '72 and re-serialled 845, crashed on landing at Haslemoen 9.2.76, beyond repair and assigned to LTS Kjevik 11.77 for instructional use, TT 2975 hrs.


329               SAAB 91B-2 Safir, (c/n 91329) d/d RNorAF at Kjeller 19.1.57, becoming 57-329 'U-AJ', to Flygeskolen 26.1.57, to Orland Comms Flt 29.7.57, to Flygeskolen 6.8.65, to D Flt/720 Skv at Orland 3.1.68, to Vaernes 1.73, re-serialled 329 9.72, Soc 5.82, TT 5300 hrs.




088119      Ju.88A-1, f/f 1.40, d/d Luftwaffe, to 2/KG.30 as 'U4+TK'. Abandoned on the surface of lake Jonsvatn (near Trondheim) 4.40 and later sank, recovered 6.9.04, roaded to Gardermoen 7.9.04.


OSLO 29.10.06:




151   DH82A Tiger Moth, (c/n 161) ex RNorAF and SE-ANL.


205   PT-26B Cornell, 'CI-L' ex RNorAF and LN-OAU.


ENTO TORP 29.10.06:


Flew from Torp to Stansted on Ryanair's Boeing 737-8AS EI-DCL (c/n 33806) "FR039" taking off from runway 18 at 22:53L and landing on runway 23 at Stansted at 00:17 (23:17L).