A Visit to Canada

By Mick Boulanger (images by author and Mark Ray)


During May 2006 a visit to Canada was undertaken by Mark Ray and I, the visit was superb, we went for one week, but we did get to see a lot of good places in a short time.


We were fortunately able to be given a guided tour of CFB Borden which is about 100km North of Toronto. This being the birthplace of the Royal Canadian Air Force, it was good place to start. The field was first opened in spring 1917; eight of the original hangars that were built then are still surviving on the airfield today.

The airfield now is used by No.16 Wing, part of which is the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Technology and Engineering which is similar to our RAF Cosford in the UK. Several aircraft are located at locations around the base:


Outside the main Head Quarters

CF-104 Starfighter 104792

CP-121 Tracker 1507

CF100 Canuck 100493

CF-101F Voodoo 101011

CF-86 Sabre 23228


Also located around the base are:

CH-118 Iroquois 118109 (with the boom off 118105) marked ABDR71

CH-136 Kiowa 136244 Marked 775C

CH-136 Kiowa (Unknown) Marked 136288

CF-116 Freedom Fighter 116769


Inside the School of Aerospace Technology and Engineering were the following aircraft:


CH-113A Voyager

11308 11310


CT-114 Tutor (Those in bold are in the Snowbirds Colour scheme)

(C) = Cockpit only, any aircraft carrying are marked as so.

114011 - 5/926B 114023 114026 (C) 114039 - 933B

114040 (C) 114043 - 889B 114049 - 10 114062

114164 114066 114069 - 891B 114080 - 2/927B

114087 114091 - 989B 114092 (C) 114112

114105 (C) 114112 114119 - A901 114134 - A894

114139 - 937B 114151 114163 - 935B 114164 (C)

114175 - 938B 114181


CF-116D Freedom Fighter

116768 116835


CF-188A Hornet



CH-136 Kiowa



Stored outside on the field were:

CF116D Freedom Fighter

116710 116759 912B

CT-133 Silver Star 133443 Cold Lake 133540 Cold Lake

Finally one very bagged up CF100 Canuck.


Inside the Museum were:

CT-114 Tutor (Prototype) marked Tutor 153 (Golden Centennaires c/s)

DH82 Tiger Moth 4974

CT-133 Silver Star 133623

Avro 504 G-CYCK (ex D8971)


I would like to thank our host the Public Affairs Officer at 16 Wing, Borden for a fantastic day.